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Psychobabble, Lex/Clark

Psychobabble by rageprufrock, PG-13
Only amateur psychology is fun.

I am so charmed by this story, like ridiculously charmed. Clark is just, I just to squeeze him and knock him over the head. And I just had fun reading this, it wasn't ground breaking and didn't need much thinking to understand and enjoy. Because it's simply fun. It gave me a bit of everything and left me wanting more. Really just a fun and charming story, worth a read for a giggle or two and some lines and sections (Clark's confession and his viewing of the gay porn) of pure awesomeness.

The phone on Lex's desk burst to life, and Charity's voice piped out, sounding squeaky and far away, slightly out of breath: "Lex! Your three fifteen is here, and the photo shoot for "Fortune" is in two hours, so get rid of your guest."

Lex's mouth tensed at her tone, and Clark got the distinct impression that the only thing that saved Charity's job at that moment was the fact that Clark was there. Lex had a tendency to repress his more temperamental side around Clark, as if he felt obligated to be a positive role model or something, play mentor and big brother where Clark had no other point of reference. As if Clark would ever need to know how to be polite to people who worked for him, act incredibly smooth, be rich with class, and drink brandy gracefully, anyway.

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Photographic Evidence, Clark/Lex

Photographic Evidence by Soraya (R)

I love this. So very much. Normally I don't like this concept but it's done so well, and I enjoy it so much.

I'm not the only one to notice this. Terri Greenfield, host of TMBC's 'Late Night' talk show, has a series of comedic sketches devoted to President Luthor. Her theory is that Lex Luthor wants to be the first at everything, and that, one day, he will don a wig to become the first female president. She also likes to joke that Luthor isn't really gay, he just married Kent to grab the mantle of 'first gay president'.

Watching Kent and Luthor together in public, those theories seem quite plausible. Yet, my sources inside the White House tell me that Lex Luthor is almost pathologically obsessed with his husband's happiness. There are just too many inconsistencies for me to let this go. My gut tells me that the key to President Luthor lies in his relationship with Clark Kent.
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My Big Fat Alien Wedding, Clark/Lex

My Big Fat Alien Wedding by mahaliem (PG-13)
The story of Clark and Lex's courtship and wedding.

So wonderful, so funny, I'm so in love with it. Clark outs himself as Superman and Lex wants to make him pay. There's a Supermanland involved.

"Earlier you nixed Paris for the honeymoon. Where do you want to go?" Lex asked Clark, who was sulking on the leather sofa in Lex's office.


Lex tossed the pen he was holding onto his desk. "You know quite well that I wouldn't be able to survive Venus without a special suit - a special suit that would make consummation quite impossible. Now, where do you want to go?"


Lex sighed. "You're just not getting into the spirit of things, are you?"
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Reconcilable Differences, Lex/Clark

Reconcilable Differences by astolat (PG-13)
Luthor Family Values.

This is adorable and beautiful and amazing and I'm in love. It so funny and it so works and it's canon and it isn't but it so is and ... Happy sighs and everything because this was great. And Kon is such a bastard and I like it. And you don't need to know who Kon is or any of the DC characters are because I didn't and it's easy enough to work out and the author tells you all you need to know at the start.

Kon looked down the side and found it, and the chair stretched itself out under him. "Cool." The TV went to commercial, and the speakers muted automatically. "So, uh," he said, "you and Clark—"

Lex looked at him narrowly.

Kon gulped. "Never mind."
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Ulterior Motives, Lex/Clark

Ulterior Motives by astolat (R)
Everybody wants to rule the world.

So, first, maybe not the best quote to show but damn! if it didn't amuse and seem great to me. Now the story, great, great, great. Very good, very entertaining. It kept my attention.

"It was him," Clark said. "But I don't get it. Why is Lex protecting my secrets? What does he care if the Joker comes after me—"

"The Joker occasionally displays proprietary behavior towards me," Batman said. "He's interfered with other criminals on more than one occasion if he felt they were usurping his territory."
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That Old Schizophrenic Jealousy, Clark/Lex

That Old Schizophrenic Jealousy by Lenore (R)
Secret identities can be confusing.

Lex starts having sex with Superman, Clark gets jealous. Could it be more perfect? No, it really couldn't.

He nods. "There's something I need to tell you."


Lex nods. "It's a secret I've kept too long."

"What?" you ask, prepared for a long, colorful tale about Peruvian emerald smugglers.
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Adaptability, Clark/Lex

Adaptability by rageprufrock (PG-13)
Clark Kent, better known as Superman, had been the proverbial wrench in Lex's life plans.

Yeah, ok, right. Read the quote. Yeah. Oh yeah.

When Clark didn't answer, Lex said easily, "It's a big change, I know. If you'd like, you could have your own bedroom and we could slowly work up to--"

"I think I'm pregnant!" Clark blurted out.

"--sharing a bed every what the fuck are you talking about, Clark?" Lex demanded.
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All the Trappings of Love, Clark/Lex

All the Trappings of Love by rageprufrock  (R)
It was bound to happen eventually. Clark just never anticipated it would be so loud.

It's funny, it's heart warming and it's a little sad. Everything to make a good story.

The phone rings, and in between frantic scanning of various news webpages, I pick up.


"I'll have you shot, Clark. Kryptonite bullets. I can do that, you know."

Shit. Shit times two.

"Uh. Hi. Lex."
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Three Impossible Things, Lex/Clark

Three Impossible Things by Jenn (NC-17)
Clark changes everything.

It's dangerous and I shouldn't love this Clark but I do. I'm not completely sure how to explain this story, or more so, why I like it. I think it's mainly for the reason I started with, it's dangerous. It's Clark like I think Lex thinks he'd like him but wouldn't know how to handle him and in this story he has too. I like how there relationship isn't clean cut, it's difficult and dirty and it's not easy. It's them and it's beautiful and it dangerous. The choices we make change us, we have to keep up.

"I didn't know you took her that seriously," Clark says, and his voice is surprisingly cool. Points for self-control, because all he really wants to do is pull Lex back to bed and spend some time looking him over. Strip off those pants and touch him. Carefully. All over, just study and enjoy and lick and maybe ask Lex to talk to him in that low voice he used the night before.

Narrow look that's more than just anger--guilt, definitely, and Clark leans into the door, watching Lex, still everywhere except inside his skin.

"Clark--" Lex runs a hand over his head, eyes turning down. "We--" Shouldn't, can't, didn't, won't again, no, Clark's pretty much done with that sort of thinking. Pushing off the doorway, he crosses the three steps separating them, pushing Lex gently against the sink, trapping him with an arm on either side. Fast, hard lick across already parted lips and right, Lex is his best friend and Clark's had years to know him, understand him, ways that no one could compete with, and Clark's not about to let anyone else try. He's done that, and Lana's in Paris and Chloe's going to New York, and this time, just this time, it's going to go a little differently.
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Q.E.D., Clark/Lex

Q.E.D. by Punk (NC-17)
So, maybe there was a reason pretending to be gay wasn't such a stretch.

Funny, amusing, great. Clark pretends to be gay but, well, pretends doesn't fit so well.

"My boyfriend. He's very jealous. Possessive, almost insane, kind of crazy really. If he even suspects..."

She almost looked worried, but then she said, "He doesn't deserve you. You should leave. Starting now."

"No," Clark said again, "you don't understand."

"I'm sure it's not that bad," she said, doing unpleasant things to his ass with her fingernails. "Your boyfriend can't possibly--"

It hit him like a Porsche flying off a bridge. "Lex Luthor!" he said. "I'm dating--"

Trista recoiled, hands suddenly up in the air like he was arresting her. "Oh, hey, you know I didn't mean anything by it," she said, backing away slowly, leaving Clark with a wet ear, half a cup of warm beer, and an imaginary boyfriend. He'd have to remember that one.