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Stay, Sherlock/John

Stay by esterbrook, PG-13, 7393 words
Retirement wasn't quite what they'd expected. For one thing, they hadn't been in the same room for two years.

This was just utterly charming. A retirement fic that was nice and good and not depressing nearly the whole time - to be fair I have a ridiculous fear of retirements fics because normally someone dies or its completely depressing and I've only found a few that do it right -for me at least. And this is one of those ones that does it right. some things seemed out of character, Sherlock moving and leaving John, but then explanations were given and I was like that works, that is a great explanation because I can see them both being that stupid. It was just lovely, and a wonderful blend of just a touch angsty but mostly hopeful, and I enjoy hopeful a lot.

"And London misses you."

"As do you."

Anyone else would have heard it as a simple statement, but John caught the tiny shift in inflection, the infinitesimal lift at the end, the way the pale eyes flickered away and back. "Of course I do, you idiot. Nothing's ever quite right without you."
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I Don't Know What More to Ask For by halotolerant, PG-13, 4813 words
'And now that, once more, he does not have John Watson the situation has arguably only returned – after six hundred and two days of abnormality – to a resting state.'

Oh my heart. This fic is just a punch to the heart. Sherlock is just, he's lost and alone and missing John, yearning for John, and he doesn't understand how to deal with it and what to do. This fic does a wonderful job at showing the pain of missing someone, of needing someone, and of not quite understanding all the emotions or reasons why. Also the flashback from the Hounds episode was one of the best things ever.

John’s breathing was levelling out, his arms going down. Slowly, the muscles in his face relaxed from grimace to concern. “Leaving everything else aside – and there is a lot of everything else, by the way – I don’t want to have sex with someone who doesn’t think they’ll enjoy it.”

“I don’t know if I could enjoy sex. I like the idea of having another kind of hold on you.”

John gaped at him.
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Playing the game, Sherlock/John

Playing the game by KeelieThompson1, R, 5512 words
As a vampire, John often despairs of Sherlock Holmes. Especially when he makes a new fledgling.

This world is astounding and captivating and I was so completely hooked the entire time I was reading, and after I finished I wanted more. And I still want more. I there are two more chapters to go and the wait is already killing me. It is great, this amazing world of vampires, and Sherlock and John, and the others. But it always comes back to the two of them, and watching this world and lore and their relationship unravel and reveal is going to be excellent fun.

"You're his favourite."

John looked up from his tea. "I beg your pardon?"

"They all say it," Lestrade said slowly. "They say he chased you through Europe once."

"He did not chase me through Europe. He chased a hunter through Europe. The hunter happened to be after me." John rolled his eyes. "Why is everyone so intent on romanticising him?"
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Lead me to the Truth, Sherlock/John

Lead me to the Truth by Lavellington, PG, 8946 words
John didn’t mind following two steps behind: two steps behind Sherlock was still miles ahead of everyone else.

Wow, this fic is brilliant. Completely captivating from the first moment, from the first segment. This telling of the characters is one of my favourites, from the steady of John to the extreme of Sherlock, I loved each moment of them. And the game with the skull has to be one of my favourite things ever. Excellent story, excellent characters, just excellent.

“It’s your birthday,” he announced, placing a tattered linen shopping bag on the kitchen table. John blinked, unsure whether “Thank you” was an overly optimistic response to that statement. Perhaps Sherlock thought he was dim enough that he’d forgotten. He risked it anyway.

“Thank you,” he said, wiping toast crumbs off his jumper.

Sherlock smiled and gestured grandly at the bag. “You’re welcome,” he replied, magnanimously. John stared at the bag, then back at Sherlock, then back at the bag. Then he looked back at Sherlock. Just to be sure.

“My God, did you finally buy milk?”
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Just Browsing, John/Sherlock

Just Browsing by bendingsignpost, R, 3869 words
“I’m a good kisser,” John says.
Another eye roll. “Everyone thinks that.”
“Everyone? Blimey, someone’s been kissing and telling. Had no idea I was so famous.”

This is perfect! Hot and sexy and funny and hot. It's really really hot is the point essentially. AU re-telling of Sherlock and John's first meeting and it's much less PG then the show. Nicely in-character and a good balance of humour to even out the pure sex of it.

Cheekbones doesn’t take it. “Do you have a reason beyond my face?”

“There’s the rest of you, too,” John says bluntly. “And I don’t see many people speed-reading about snake venom. You’re a bit of a posh prat, but I’m mostly inured to that.” He smiles after, so polite that it comes out on the other side.

For a moment, Cheekbones weighs him. “...You can stay.”

“I can also go for coffee,” John offers. “Provided you came too, I mean.”
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Torn Stitches, John/Sherlock

Torn Stitches by AggressiveWhenStartled, R, 35645 words
The trick to being with Sherlock Holmes, John mused, was to always keep in mind that he wouldn’t actually murder you and wear your skin as a suit.
“I can see the appeal,” Sherlock was murmuring to him over the peeled body, much to the horror of any yarders in earshot. “I often find it surprisingly difficult to get inside your head. It might be cathartic to do in a more literal sense.”
John snorted. “With your curls? Our killer didn’t even clean this poor bugger out properly, just pulled him on gore and all. You’d be picking bits of me out of your hair for weeks afterwards.”

This is awesome! Sequel to Loosed Reins, which started an exploration of their relationship and characters and this explores them even more. It's engaging and charming and so much fun. Again the characters are not as we know them but they have the essence you're used to and they are just captivating. You need to know what is going to happen next and watching the boys grow together is great, because they are such strong character that are amazing together. And I really enjoy fics that don't shy away from the fact that John and Sherlock are both weird and dangerous and pretty damn odd, and it's fun but they are not normal and they can come off pretty creepy because of it.

“Then I am going to order some food, because I am at the end of my rope tonight, you’ve poisoned the refrigerator, I am going to eat something, and it won’t be whatever you’ve left in the crisper.”

Sherlock’s mouth quirked up, and John rolled his eyes. “Oh,” Sherlock purred, leaning back in his chair, “I wouldn’t mind that.”

“I am going to eat some food,” John clarified virtuously. Sherlock gave an exaggerated sigh.

“Oh, dull,” he decided. “But I suppose. If you must.”
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The Norwood Love Builders, John/Sherlock

The Norwood Love Builders by flawedamythyst, R, 47798 words
Sherlock and John go undercover to solve the murder of Joanna Oldacre, but things are complicated by the many feelings John has been repressing in the wake of Sherlock's faked death and return.

Charming, long and engaging. This was just fun and enjoyable to read, I was clicking excitedly on each next chapter, on the edge of my seat, to read more. This fic deals excellently with John's grief and how it doesn't go away when Sherlock returns but becomes something else, something that Sherlock doesn't know know to deal with. The story isn't just about getting them together it about getting them back, back to what they once were and trying to save what was lost when Sherlock jumped. Also has one of my favourite themes of Sherlock adoring John, which is in most fics but this one does it particularly nicely. So to end, this was great and definitely well worth a read.

It was half an hour before Sherlock spoke again. “Will you tell me what was wrong with you earlier?”

John looked up to find that Sherlock had shifted his gaze to John, and was giving him the intense look that meant he was trying to read his mind. “It was nothing,” he said.

Sherlock's gaze only grew stronger. “Don't insult my intelligence, John. You've been in an odd mood all day. What is it?”

John looked at him for a long moment. There was no point in reminding him of the date, especially not now the day was mostly over. What would be the point in complaining about it when he had spent eleven months desperate to have an evening like this one?
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Child's Play, Gen

Child's Play by bendingsignpost, PG, 4324 words
“You’ve been shopping, but not for groceries. You don’t have much in the way of funds, so something cheap, but not an impulse purchase—you’re much too disciplined for that. Something-”
John puts down the plastic bag on the coffee table.
A palpable shift occurs in the air.
“...You bought a puzzle from a charity shop,” Sherlock states.

This is a lovely and charming getting-to-know-you fic. Really enjoyable and watching their friendship develop and grow is so well done and appealing. You are brought along with them on the ride.

“Fantastic,” John says when Sherlock stops for breath. “That is—That is amazing.”

The corner of Sherlock’s mouth pulls in something caught between smile and frown, not quite related to a sneer. John can make neither head nor tails of it.

“We’ll see,” Sherlock answers before swishing away into his second dramatic exit of the afternoon.

John feels as if he’s come up lacking, but he’s not sure how. He looks at his half-filled room and wonders.
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Disco Stick, Sherlock/John

Disco Stick by Ishmael, R, 4941 words
For a prompt requesting Polefessional Sherlock. John meets Sherlock at Clara's hen night in a strip club.
“This is the part where you proposition me for sex.”

This is hot and fun and adorable. John is confused and excellent, and Sherlock is sexy and brilliant. It's a pretty amazing match. Worth reading for the prompt alone.

The current three dancers leave the stage, the music and lighting shift for the next act. The stage is bathed in blue, deep bass greeting him as he stalks out to the beat. He’s lithe and pale compared to the bulkier bronzed men out previously, high cheekbones and curly dark hair. Clad only in tight, short black shorts and some of the most ridiculous heels John has ever seen, John can’t help but admire the confidence he exudes.
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Eight Days A Week, John/Sherlock

Eight Days A Week by cassyl, R, 24005 words
When a handsome consultant shows up at the office, John thinks his biggest worry is being made redundant. Little does he know, things are about to get a lot more complicated.

Really fun AU, as the author says a sort of Office crossover but not. John is working uninspired at an office when Sherlock enters his life and heats everything up. It's hot and fun and a great use of the characters in this new setting. It's nice to watch Sherlock and John grow together and the author has managed to make this new universe work and fit with what we know. Lots of fun and a great read.

“Listen,” Bill says when the doors open, “John and I are headed over to the King’s Arms. They do a little pub quiz on Thursdays – not a very erudite crowd, I’m afraid, but you’re welcome to come along if you like.”

John fully expects Sherlock to decline, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t say yes right away, either. Instead, his gaze is searching John’s face, considering, and John would give his left arm to know what’s going through his head right now.

“You should come,” John says, although he’s not sure why he says it. “It’s a laugh, and I guarantee you there’s absolutely nothing else going on tonight.”

“All right,” Sherlock says at last. There’s almost even a smile on his face, which sends a little shiver down John’s spine.