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One Simple Theme, or, The One About Pancakes, John/Rodney

One Simple Theme, or, The One About Pancakes by skoosiepants, PG-13, 9660 words
She said, “The journey will cost you nothing that you are not ready to give,” and blah blah blah, Rodney knew the spiel. Walk through, try not to insult anyone, indulge in a feast of mammoth proportions, try not to get drunk, make nice with the locals, try not to molest Colonel Sheppard. It was all pretty much standard.

A weird but nice little story. I haven't read this ship in a while but whenever I go back it's awesome, they're awesome. A lot of fun and watching Rodney be so smart but still such an idiot is always entertaining.

Sheppard looked bemused. “It was an order, Rodney.”

“Please.” Rodney made a face. “Like that means anything.”

Sheppard blinked. “I like to think so. Makes my job easier.”

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Bang, John/Rodney

Bang by rageprufrock, NC-17

John keeps walking into doors, and the doctor keeps assuming McKay is the abusive husband. Hilariously awesome.

"You have another split lip, a new bruise on your cheek, a fading black eye, your wrist has a little residual swelling and you're covered in bruises all over," Holloway says sadly. "What's it going to take for you to just walk away?"
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Quantum Entanglements, John/Rodney

Quantum Entanglements by reddwarfer, PG-15
When Rodney's six years old--and awaiting death via principal and his very angry mother--he meets John and everything changes.

Really, really sweet, I admit au's are my favourite and this story is one of the many examples of why that is. This is gorgeous.

A month later, they're both officially in Mensa, and it's anticlimactic for both of them. Rodney only gets a week's worth of fun lording it over his teachers before he's forbidden to mention it again and John has a crumpled sheet of paper in the bottom of his desk with Rodney's promise, Rodney's bloody fingerprint (which, by the way, he complains about for weeks) and Rodney's signature.

However, they both grudgingly agree to hold off plans to become arch-nemeses in favour of jointly engaging in a bid for world domination.

Their plans continue to fail.

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Sheppard's Law, Rodney/John

Sheppards Law by Speranza, R

I'm assuming, like with all the rest of Speranza work, everyone and and their mothers have already read this. I however just did. And it really was as wonderful as I expected it to be. Beyond, really.

John gripped the handlebars of his bike and said, "Are you following me?"

The paper was immediately jerked down, and John burst out laughing because--it was the guy, it was totally the guy, except he was wearing a terrible, fake mustache and a hat. He looked like Inspector Clouseau.

"What?" the man demanded; that made him look even funnier. "No!" and when John kept laughing, the man touched the fake mustache to see if it was still glued to his face; wow, worst spy ever. Finding it there, he pretended to stroke it, then waved his hand dismissively. "I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know who you are."

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Happily Ever After, John/Rodney

Happily Ever After by cupidsbow , PG-13
One glass slipper alien device. One romantic quest typical Atlantis lab accident. One revelation of true love something far more ironic.

Touching and a little bit sad, but not for long and any unhappiness is far out weighed by the fantastic.

The medical staff had figured out something had happened, and were staring at them. "Oh my god," one of them gasped, causing the scientists and marines to turn and look.

Zelenka pushed his way through the throng, glasses glinting manically. "What? What's happened." He stopped dead. "What did you do?"

"Fixed the problem," John said. "Make sure McKay gets to the infirmary." And with the heavy weight of a dozen eyes on his back, he walked out of the room.
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Do Not Use High Beams In Fog, Rodney/John

Do Not Use High Beams In Fog by basingstroke, NC-17

Delightful and amusing, a quick little read to keep yourself entertained.

And it was eighteen days out on the Daedalus. "Hey," John said.

"I'm not fucking you," Rodney said.

John looked around. "Well, not in the mess hall."

"Not anywhere. You! You're dead to me."

"Yeah, I was meaning to ask. Why?"

"You are extremely high maintenance," Rodney informed him, and then John started laughing and didn't stop for a long while, long after Rodney left in a huff, and then when he thought of it lying in bed later, he laughed himself to sleep.
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Songs Across the Ocean, Gen

Songs Across the Ocean by mhalachaiswords , PG
Even though he's still walking around, Harry Potter didn't really survive the war.

Fascinating. I would have never even thought of this but it could work - well not really - but this story actually makes you think maybe it could. Maybe.

"What's the hardest part of being in the military?" Harry interrupted. "Not the good stuff and the stuff on the brochures. What is the most difficult thing you have to do?"

The sergeant met Harry's gaze. "Accepting the chain of command," he said after a minute. "Understanding that you have to obey the orders that come from your superiors, for the greater good."

Harry stared for a long minute. For so long, he'd been the one giving the orders, to a rag-tag bunch of witches and wizards trying to save a world that didn't want saving. Maybe it would be easier, being told what to do, to let someone else take the responsibility for his life.

"Give me the papers."
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Tango, John/Rodney

Tango by astolat, NC-17
"All right, if you put it that way, it might make a certain depraved kind of logical sense," Rodney said, grumpily.

Oh, oh. Awesome and wonderful and a bit sad and a upsetting but then completely and utterly good.

The next morning Rodney came running into the otherwise subdued first senior staff meeting twenty minutes late. Before anyone could even yell at him, he erased the careful agenda Elizabeth had drawn up on the whiteboard and started scribbling equations. Despite being mostly hungover and a little slow, people probably would have gotten to the yelling a second later, but halfway through the third line Zelenka started jumping up and down, and then burst into tears, which shocked everyone else into gawking silence, and then the two of them both went running right back out of the room.
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The Convocation, John/Rodney

The Convocation by the drifter, R
The idea was so startling that Rodney actually shut the laptop and pushed it aside. “You’re serious,” he said to Teyla. “Someone in the Pegasus Galaxy is hosting a scientific conference?”

I was kind of confused and then not and then. Well it was interesting and I needed to know what was going to happen, and it was good.

His hands flail, groping for something sufficiently dire, and right as he comes out with, “well, I would’ve taken Ronon–” John throws his own hands out wide and spits, “I’m not that good of an actor, Rodney!”