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Different, Brian/Justin

Different by ragingpixie, PG-13

Brian and Justin are one of those couples you can always look back on and remember how watching their relationship played out made you feel. This is a fic that also really, really makes you feel - as well as being all kinds of lovely. It was written before season 5, and you can sort of feel that and it doesn't really fit with the Justin I know from the show but it's an idea of Justin that I love. It's beautiful and all kinds of lovely and if you're looking for a fic that is short but oh so sweet then give this a try. It's a wonderful take on what might have been, and even something I'll still like to imagine could be.

In the future, Justin thinks, things will be different.

Brian will mellow. He’ll turn quieter with age, less inclined to cat about and drink and smoke and trick and sniff controlled substances. He’ll stay home when he’s tired instead of going out just to prove things. Babylon won’t be his Mecca and tricks will forget they once worshipped at the altar of Kinney, and Justin knows that Brian won’t really care. Brian will watch more tv instead of going dancing and his body will thank him in the morning.
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No More Ugly Naked Guy, Brian/Justin

No More Ugly Naked Guy by darksylvia (PG-13)

Wonderful! I never thought of this crossover but it works! I works so well!

Hot Blond Guy stared for a moment, waiting, and they could see Hot Naked Guy look up from his activities and smile, a rakish, inviting smile, and suddenly Hot Blond Guy was throwing off his messenger bag along with the rest of his clothes. Then he climbed right into the fray, did something obscene to Hot Naked Guy's mouth. And--

"I feel naive," said Rachel.

"I feel
dirty," said Phoebe, in obvious delight.

"This is
better than porn," said Monica.

"This is
so not the threesome I was praying for, God," said Chandler, looking briefly up at the sky in reproach.

"At least Hot Naked Guy isn't cheating," said Joey.

"Is it warm in here, or is it just me?" asked Ross, his voice a little unnaturally high.
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Elliot, Brian/Justin

Elliot by yoursweater (PG)
Elliott is a normal child as far as his teachers are concerned. He’s only five years old but he knows his alphabet and the difference between green and blue, and when Mrs. Eleanor tells the class to quiet down, Elliott is one of the first children to take his place on the checkered rug. He laughs quietly with a hand over his mouth when his library buddy tells jokes, and carefully lines his crayons up across his desk when it’s art time.

Another Brian and Justin have a son story. But the best. Ever. Linked to the tag page, go to the bottom of the page for the first fic.

“Joan has more authority over him then he’ll admit.” Justin says to Michael the next day, as he helps him go through boxes full of comic books that need to be sorted out and then priced.

“No kidding.” Michael snorts and then shakes his head. “He’s still piss scared of her, even after all of these years.”

Justin frowns and hands Michael a copy of the first Rage issue ever, and it’s still wrapped in the original plastic. Michael squeals and then says, “Now I have four of these!”
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Rebound, Brian/Emmett

Rebound by vedaprophet (R)
Emmett's on the rebound, but he's not alone.

I love Emmett and Brian together, they are like my otp of Queer as Folk. They're goregous and tall.

Michael’s reaction to the news of their fuck was a two week, drama-filled stand off with Em fretting his brains out until Brian finally told Michael that he’d pouted enough for ten drama queens and he should just fucking get over it already. Michael called him pathetic, but a few days later he seemed to get over it and they were all back on speaking terms by the following Saturday night at Babylon. Emmett suspected Ben had something to do with it.
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The New Black, Gen

The New Black by pulsefic (PG-13)
5 things that did happen to Brian and Jennifer.

Lovely, beautiful and Brian and Jennifer bonding. To sweet for words. I know I've listed this as gen, and it is, but if there was a pairing it'd be Justin and Brian.

‘The point is,’ she says, and bites her lip. ‘Sometimes – sometimes Justin isn’t a very good judge of character. He puts too much faith in people.’

‘I know, I know,’ says Brian, sounding tired and giving her a wry smile. ‘He chose me, right?’

She looks up quickly. ‘Yes,’ she says. ‘But sometimes he’s a better judge of character than I’ll ever be.’
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Close Encounters of the Kinney Kind, Justin/Brian

Close Encounters of the Kinney Kind by josselin (PG-13)

Lovely and sad, a wonderful mixture of both.

"It's not your fault," Justin says. They finish the ride to the diner in silence. Once they get there, though, Deb immediately notices that something is wrong. Justin is still fuming silently, and his mother looks nervous and uncomfortable.

"So, what's wrong?" Deb prompts, standing next to their booth.

"We ran into Brian's mother and sister at the store," Jennifer explains.

"Oh," Deb says understandingly. "Joanie and Claire. The biggest bitches on the planet."
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Growing Pains, Gen

"Are you telling me to stalk him?"

"Stalking is such an ugly word," Justin said sombrely. "I prefer the term courting."

Growing Pains
by eleveninches (R)
Michael plus huge mistake equals character growth. Or something.

It so wrong and so hilariously funny and it's so wonderful and so sad for Michael yet really Michael's the bad one in this and well, I'm not making much sense because this story is brilliant and has turned my brain to mush and whoa, read, read now. Also mainlyI'm listing this as gen because I don't want to give away the pairing but it has an adorable background Justin and Brian relationship.

"Gus, there's something different about you," Hunter said sweetly as Justin's story ended. "More... mature."

Gus glanced at Michael briefly before smirking. "I got a haircut," he said, equally saccharine.

Michael swallowed thickly. "Brian, pass the garlic sauce. Oh, and I fucked Gus last night."

There was a long silence.

"Shit," Michael muttered.

Hunter stood abruptly. "Well," he said, and before Michael knew what was happening Hunter had fled, slamming the front door shut behind him.
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Five Things Brian Kinney Never Did, Justin/Brian

Five Things Brian Kinney Never Did by Tinkerbell (NC-17)

Five different scenarios all written beautifully. A little something for everyone.

“Well,” she continues, “at least tell me you don't drive here every night.”

He snorts again and shows her the keys in his palm.

“I don't know why I worry,” she says. “God watches over drunks and little children.”

He turns to the window. “Yeah. He did a great job with that one.”
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Queer Survivor, Brian/Justin

Queer Survivor by josselin (R)

Ok, you have to love it for the premise alone. Very good and very much in character.

Justin and Debbie watch Brian on daytime talk shows all week while delegating all the real work at the diner to Hunter, much to the customers’ dismays. Brian is both a talk show host’s dream and nightmare. He’s attractive, witty, and mysterious, so there’s a lot for them to probe into. He’s also temperamental, evasive, and has a tendency to walk off of the show if asked the wrong question.