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Can't Be Wrong, Justin/JC

Joey dared Chris to go down to the lobby to get a newspaper, and when the first fan approached him to ask her for HER autograph. He said that the girl nearly passed out from shock, but he brought back a USA Today with, "Dear Chris, From your #1 fan, Love Sylvia" scrawled across it in black Sharpie.

"Of course, you want to know the first question my 'number one fan' asked me? 'Where's Justin?'" Chris said wryly.

Can't Be Wrong by liz_w (PG-13)

It's funny, very funny and seriously, you got to lobe and adore and marry the funny.

They started out with mostly dares, silly stuff like having Lance imitate the way JC danced during Space Cowboy. JC's mouth had fallen open in shock. "I do not have an expression like that on my face," he'd insisted, but looking at the other four doubled over in laughter, he'd realized maybe he did look kinda goofy when he really got into his performance. When Lance stuffed a sock down the front of his pants to make his impersonation 'more realistic', JC had been mortified.
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The Way You Know Him, JC/Justin

“Justin,” Lance murmured seriously. “I think maybe you weren’t listening to me earlier. This guy isn’t like someone you’d pick up in a bar, you know? He’s powerful, really, really powerful. And ruthless. And well-known.”

“And hot.”

“Well, yeah. But Justin, that’s really, really not the point.”

The Way You Know Him by Beth and Kaelie (NC-17)
Trying to do it by the book.

Good. Long. Great. Very, very enjoyable. A must read for any AU fan and just any fan. A bit predictable at times and sometimes the characters the authors have created get out of character to how the story normally portrays them but overall I eagerly read it all start to finish and it's something I really, really do not regret doing.

"So, how was your morning? Did you get the comments from marketing on the Stanton cover?" he asked Chris.

"Judging from the way I see you looking at him, I know you're interested, but what I can't figure out is whether you've slept with him yet," Chris went on cheerfully. "On one hand, I'm pretty damn sure you did, because I just spent an entire lunch reassuring him that you don't, in fact, hate him -- and given your rather . . . unique approach to love and intimacy, that seems pretty much par for the course. But on the other --"

"Because I think they were wrong," JC interrupted. If he simply pretended to be having another conversation entirely, sometimes Chris would fall in step. "If we make the author's name larger, we're going to ruin the balance of the thing, going to start overshadowing the image."
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Snapshots, JC/Justin

Snapshots by Gale (NC-17)

Not saying this is a series with only hot sex but it has a lot ... If you like that kind of thing. Just a generally good series of one shots for Justin and JC fans to read.

“Those,” JC hissed, poking him in the thigh - kind of hard, too; um, OW, baby - “are indecent pants. Those are Slut Pants, right there.”


“Yes, really. And I should know.” JC tossed his hair a little, the ass. He knew what that did to Justin. “I own most of the Slut Pants in the greater Orlando area, so I’m an expert on this sort of thing. And those” another poke “-are Slut Pants.”
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Anthology, Justin/JC

Anthology by Gale (R)

Hot, very hot. And it's really a very good love story. Just be warned that it has underage sex - but they're perfect for each other, so who cares? I just would have liked to see it carried further. Into their Nsync days.

“Cows!” JC said suddenly, startled. Not a lot, two or three adults and one very tiny cow. Calf, technically, but still.

“Yes, JC,” Justin said slowly. He looked like he was trying not to smile. “Cows. We have those here, you know.”

“I know. It’s just-” JC gestured at the field. “Cows!”

This time Justin snorted, not even trying to hide it. “Cows,” he muttered, shaking his head.
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Determined Southern Boys, Justin/JC Chris/Lance

Determined Southern Boys by Gale (NC-17)

Nice, long, chaptered story and I really, really liked it. Like a lot. Read it, I promise you'll love it too.

“Well, what do you think we should do?” Lance shot back, momentarily forgetting to be polite. “Throw ourselves at them? Be really, really obvious? Pretend to be afraid of the dark and sneak over to their rooms because we’re scared, and oh, hey, how’d my hand get there?”

There was a very long pause.

Very slowly, Justin sat up. He was grinning again.

“No,” Lance said, and shook his head. “No way. I was kidding, Justin. I’m seventeen. You’re fifteen. This is stupid. We should just go to bed.”
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The 7-Eleven Experience, JC/Justin

"I suppose the gay orgy vibe in our songs was almost inevitable," Chris said slowly, back to circling the room, which was driving JC nuts, but JC had learned long ago that asking Chris to sit down when he was nervous or excited was like asking a brick wall if it minded stepping aside so he could get around it, please and thanks, "but shit, guys, it was supposed to be about horses."

The 7-Eleven Experience by Rhys (R)
JC spends too much time at 7-Eleven.

It's full of misunderstanding and worse, you know whats going on but JC doesn't and that's sad, really sad. But it does make good reading.

They were well on their way to heavy petting, or way far past it, if furiously rubbing their groins together as they tongue-fucked counted, when the door to the studio slammed. JC jumped off the couch, knocking over a speaker, and landed hard on his ass. Joey and Lance stared at him.

"C thought he’d lost a filling," Justin blurted. There was a stain on the front of his pants.

Joey grinned. "And you were helpfully trying to assist him in finding it. My, what a nice friend you are, Justin."

"But funny," Lance added slyly, "Dental Hygiene Lad over there has never had a cavity."
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Untitled Love Story, Justin/JC

Untitled Love Story by Rhys (R)
Life after Britney.

Good, sweet and at times embarrassing. Read it or wept.

It took him a while to remember how to turn the lawnmower on, but once it was purring, it was like coming home. Back when they all lived in the house together, Justin had been responsible for the grass, because Chris wasn’t allowed near anything that could cut off someone else’s toes, and JC wasn’t supposed to go near it in fear of cutting off his own toes, and Lance preferred to vacuum, which Justin traded off on happily.
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Sleeping Beauty, Justin/JC

Joey and Lance looked at him. "Yeah, but that was ages -" Joey said, and stopped. "Just out of curiosity, C, what year do you think this is?"

"Shut up," JC said. He thought for a second. "Shut up." Joey and Lance laughed again, and JC sighed and waited for them to stop.

Sleeping Beauty by Jae (R)
JC wakes up.

I love that whole idea of something being right in front of you and yet you don't see it, but everyone else does. This is kind of like that except, well, JC sleeps.

"You could get a tattoo."

"Um," JC said, "paralyzing fear of needles here."

"Oh, fine, fine," Justin said. "How about a piercing?"

"Have you not heard about my paralyzing fear of needles?"

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Coldhearted, JC/Justin Chris/Lance

"Hey," Chris said, "I think they're cute. It's nice to know that even after all these years, it's still special when your lover wins you as a sex slave in a deviant drunken bet."

Coldhearted by Jae (R)

"Jesus, Joe," Chris groaned. "Sex with you is sounding more unattractive by the second. Between you being all selfish and Lance's assisted orgasms, you're giving us all a bad name. 'Sleep with 'N Sync for the utmost in cold, mechanical experiences. We're sex machines. No, really. We're machines.'"

This kills me, seriously. If you couldn't tell form the quotes overload. It's amazing and funny and it kills me. It's one of those stories that has you laughing out loud and scaring everyone around you. I cannot even to really begin to express my love, except by very loud squees. Read and enjoy, and laugh yourself to an early death.

There are a few other pairings but those listed are the actual relationships.

"I just want to get this over with and get away from you and your revolting friends and your filthy bets."

"All right then," Lance said. "No drink for you."

"So what am I supposed to do?" Brian said.

"Well, I was going to ask you to jump up and down on the bed a little and yell, 'Oh Lance, I've never seen one that big,' but you don't really seem in the mood. So do you just want to go to sleep?"
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The Best Break Up in History, JC/Justin

The Best Break Up in History by Synchronik (PG)
Justin and Britney breakup and then some other stuff happens.

Amazing, truly amazing story. It's the Britney and Justin break up and it's done wonderfully and it works. Really wonderful, a must read.

"Oh, Justin, honey! I'm so sorry. I was just so sad, because of the break up, and I --" "You bitch!" you say. You hadn't realized that you didn't want it to be true. "You always say you're sorry, but if you were really sorry you wouldn't treat me like shit. You are a fucking bitch." You say it slowly, with relish.