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Friction, Keller/Beecher

Friction by levitatethis, R, 7375 words
An indiscretion between Toby and Chris leads to a misunderstanding, and everything gets blown out of proportion.

What I love about Toby and Chris, shown best through fanfictions admittedly, is that despite everything - the fighting, the fucking, the screw ups and the betrayals - they are like any other dysfunctional relationship. Fucked up to the extremes, yes, but still it's a relationship. And that's why I enjoyed this fic so much, because underneath everything it is about two men who love each other, and their relationship, the good and the bad.

A fight near Toby (but not, thankfully, involving him) almost landed him a visit to Dr. Nathan, but he acquitted himself well enough to avoid harm. At the same time, it did not escape his notice that Chris swiftly approached the altercation, ready to jump in, but the second Toby was clear, he backed off and walked away with a careless stroll.

So Chris did still care.

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Tripping The Wire, Keller/Beecher

Tripping The Wire by levitatethis, R, 7,891 words
Toby has no idea what to think or feel about Chris' return to Em City following his near death fall.

Wonderful! Not a prompt I had read before, and one that I was admittedly weary about reading but this was wonderful, this was an amnesia!Chris that worked. Lovely characters and great set up, I was engrossed and on the edge of my seat the whole story.

After a brief hesitation, Toby brings his hand up to Chris’ neck, reaching behind and settling his fingers on the surgical scar; lightly rubbing the roughed up skin. Chris bows slightly under the touch.

“Chris,” Toby says softly.

“It wasn’t nothing.” Chris isn’t making a statement, he’s asking a question.

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Caught, Beecher/Keller

Caught by Adastra (R)

It's hot but more than that it's a side of their relationship I love seeing, the fact they control each other, and need each other and they can't get rid of each other - and they never really try. Set right after Ronnie goes bye bye, the scene we should have seen.

Jesus, that's the answer, isn't it? That's why he's here He needs Keller. Belongs to him. Loves him. Schillinger may have thought he owned Beecher, but Keller... shit, he actually does.
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Never Again, Beecher/Keller

Never Again by blackchaps (R)
Part 1, Part 2

Wonderful story. One of those Oz fics that really makes an AU seem real. How season four could/should have been.

There was a smack on the glass, and Keller took his hand off him. He went to the sink, and the hack kept moving. Toby was glad that the touch was gone. He sure as fuck didn‘t need any feeling that resembled happiness. Sighing deeply, he put his book away and turned his back to him. Staring out the glass, he counted again all the ways he‘d fucked up his life. This time, he started in sixth grade.
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Stir, Torquemada/Alvarez

Stir by sistersleep (NC-17)
"The first time Miguel hit him, it was hotter than his kiss. More intimate. Miguel's lips, his hands, his dick -- there was no emotion for Torquemada behind them, no connection. But Miguel's fist.that was pure passion. He'd finally given Torquemada a real part of himself."

I like these two together and I like this story. It's very good.

"You have a bad day, my love?" Mild inquiry, Alonzo showed concern in his voice. He didn't like anyone messing with Miguel, not even Miguel himself. On the other hand...if the bad days were finally getting through again, bringing a spark back, Alonzo had new appreciation for them.

"Stop fucking calling me that shit." Miguel countered gruffly, his strides bringing him beside the bed.
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The Difference Between Saying and Doing, Keller/Beecher

The Difference Between Saying and Doing by foxxcub (NC-17)
An 18-year-old Keller, who never went to Lardner, is paid to kidnap the son of prosecuting attorney Harrison Beecher.

It gorgeous and sad and hot and all together now: sequel!

“So you’re like, what, eighteen?”

“Like I’d fucking tell you.”

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He tips his chin up and has the nerve to smirk. “Which means you’ll get tried as an adult.”

Chris realizes his first mistake of the evening was not gagging the kid when he had the chance.
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Small Favors, Keller/Beecher

Small Favors by foxxcub (R)
Having a seventeenth floor penthouse when you’re only twenty-seven and not two years out of law school only means one thing: Daddy’s footing the bill.

This is a gorgeous AU of Toby and Chris. They are in a completely different situation and nearly the exact same as they always are.

"Alright, you wanna play dirty?" Chris shoved him back against the edge of the desk, but his movements were nothing but playful, and his smile was softer now, almost affectionate. His crossed his arms over his chest and did his best look of stern reprimand. "What do you say to a woman who comes on to you?"

"First I make sure she's actually talking to me and not the guy to my right."

"Okay, after that."

"It usually is the guy to my right."
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Force of Nature, Beecher/Keller

Force of Nature by Lisa H (NC-17)
Keller comes to terms with his relationship with Beecher.

It's brutal and loving and they adore each other so much. They have this obsessive kind of love, hard, fast, painful and everything. A wonderful story, it could so easily be real.

Toby shook his head - "not much" - and waited; this was a perfect opening to talk about all that had happened last night, but he wasn't going to be the one to bring it up. When Chris remained silent, he remarked, "The kitchen looks nice."

"Thanks." Chris eagerly jumped on the change in conversation. "You hungry? I went shopping this morning - I could make you an omelet or I got some cinnamon rolls from that bakery you like."

"You went shopping? This morning? And showered, and cleaned, and - was that bag in the bathroom an icepack?"
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A Collision on the Road, Beecher/Keller

"It's Keller," Toby says. "He's escaped."

She looks at Toby, her eyes wide. Toby wonders if he told her Chris was the jealous type. "He wouldn't come here, would he?" she says.

A Collision on the Road by cgb (NC-17)
"If only it could be like this all the time. Maybe then they'd have a chance.”

Chris calls Toby his boyfriend, he calls him it in a bloody horrible situation but still ... Boyfriend. So, yeah, this story kicks ass. It's brilliant, sassy, in character, a excellent premise and just generally great and wonderfully sad, but for all the loss at the end it still promises ... something, and something is better than nothing.

Toby hears the words in his head: I'm not coming with you. I have children, I have a job, I have a girlfriend, I have people who love me and care about me. Don't you understand? I can't go with you. I won't go with you.

Chris broke his arms and legs. Chris could drive away and Toby would never see him again.

"Yeah," Toby says. "I'm coming with you."