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Possibility, Kakashi/Iruka

Possibility by megyal, R, 6990 words
Kakashi and Iruka's superiors find out that they're together, except they're actually not.

I really have been needing some good Naruto fic in my life so thank god I found this. Adorable and amusing, with a slightly different take to the characters than normal which I really loved. Like reading more of this Iruka and Kakashi would only be a good thing for my life. And Megyal is really fabulous all the time so you always know you are going to get good Naruto fic from her.

"That whole thing with you and Sharingan no Kakashi," Izumo said, very slowly. "Why didn't you tell us?"

"Me and who?" Iruka asked, incredulous and then his memory filtered back belatedly. "Oh. Right. That."

Izumo threw up his hands. "How can you be so casual? It's Sharingan no Kakashi. I don't know if you recall who he is? Badass jōnin? Likes to read porn everywhere? Said to be Hokage material? Seriously, Iruka, how you managed to keep something like this a secret--"

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Slideshow, Lee/Gaara

Slideshow by th_saurus, NC-17

Oh boys. Gaara and Lee, separately and together, screw with my heart. So much issues, and they're constantly trying to prove themselves and they just, gah. Gah! And then put them together and I have so much love for them. One of my favourite pairings and sadly there is not nearly enough fic for them but this is one of the good ones and I recommend it widely. It's a bit slow to start, slower than I normally prefer, but it got there and it was pretty awesome. So worth the small wait.

It happens that Gaara doesn't have anywhere to go. Lee seems personally outraged by this, and demands to know if Gaara has been sleeping rough these past few nights.

"I don't sleep," was the short reply.

Lee blinks a few times. "You'll have to stay at my place," he says, like it's obvious. Gaara doesn't say anything. Stands, like he always does, with his arms folded, his legs slightly apart. Lee thinks how loose his clothes hang on him, and offers to buy him dinner.
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A Sweet Life, Kakashi/Iruka

A Sweet Life by Aviss, NC-17, 5700 words
Iruka discovers an unexpected side to Kakashi.

Cute concept, excellent execution. Really fun and sweet story.

There is something in their interactions, something that has changed since the first time when he gave Iruka the cookies.

"Are you trying to fatten me up?" Iruka says with a smile the day Kakashi appears with cupcakes of every colour.

"Why would I, Iruka-sensei?" Kakashi replies with a mock leer, his eyes moving over Iruka's body with deliberate slowness. "You look perfect to me."
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Say It Properly, Kakashi/Iruka

Say It Properly by Aviss, NC-17, 2000 words
Iruka believes some things need to be said. Kakashi thinks words are overrated.

Hot, funny and touching. My favourite kind of story. A quick read but well worth checking out. I love them like this, one of my favourite portrayals of their characters as well.

It wasn't that he doubted Kakashi's feelings. He didn't. They had been together for a couple of years already, sharing a house for the last one, and Kakashi had given Iruka no reasons to believe he wasn't in love. But he had never said it. Iruka knew that Kakashi put little stock in words, choosing to show his feelings in a different way, in a million other gestures he showered on Iruka daily.

It was just three silly words, and Iruka didn't need to hear them.

But he
wanted to.
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A Greater Compliment, Kakashi/Iruka

A Greater Compliment by Tucuxi, R, 39,230 words
Iruka comes home from a winter mission to find his heat and hot water aren't working.

This is a brilliant series, fun and exciting while being just a nice series to read at the same time. All the fics in the series offer something, most of them are happy as well, which I always enjoy. A must read for any fan of the pairing.

"Going so soon?" he whispered in Iruka's ear. "You'll hurt my feelings, sensei." Iruka stiffened in surprise, then, tentatively, let his head drop to Kakashi's shoulder.

"But - 'm tired" he muttered against Kakashi's neck.

"Come along. You'll sleep better somewhere warm," Kakashi told him, stepping toward the bed. Iruka followed with a grumbled protest (something about Kakashi being pushy, it sounded like) and crawled sleepily into bed after him.
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All things of dearest value hang on slender strings, Naruto/Sasuke

All things of dearest value hang on slender strings by Sirona, R, 15713 words
Nothing sours a village’s mood faster than a heatwave, and with the anniversary of the Fourth Ninja War on the horizon, the Nanadaime Hokage knows something must be done about it. That’s where Sabaku no Gaara comes in, but Sasuke is not best pleased with his involvement.

I really want to read more stories of this pairing but I have a ridiculy hard time finding ones that I enjoy. This is one of the few I really like. It's funny and charming, long tonight to get the story and the emotions across but not long enough to drag. It's just a fun story about two idiots in love.

When three other patrons make their way to the stand, Naruto shifts closer to Sasuke to make space for them. His thigh is warm where it slides firmly against Sasuke’s while he makes himself comfortable. Sasuke feels himself flush slightly at the ease with which Naruto acts around him – like they have been a couple for years when he’s only just realised being with him is even possible. He presses back, tentatively, and Naruto pauses in stuffing his face to smile at him happily.
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Raise Your Voice, Iruka/Kakashi

Raise Your Voice by ericales, R, 1828 words
Iruka notices. Of course he does. It is his job to notice what his fellow shinobi will not--can not--say.

This is hot. It's rough and dirty and I would have no problem with this being real. A fun little fic, very physical but also with enough emotional aspects for everyone to connect to it.

Kakashi, Iruka suspects, is smitten.

Iruka himself is not unaffected.

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A Man Invisible, Iruka/Kakashi

A Man Invisible by megyal, PG, 1236 words
After a terse letter, Iruka begins to really look at Kakashi.

I loved this. Like adored it. This is the Kakashi that I love, and I would read a hundred series set in this universe.

What you don't know is that the Copynin can hardly write.
He knows a little at this point, and reads even better now
that Konoha's Sublime Green Beast has undertaken a personal
mission for complete literacy. However, he makes mistakes.
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The Heart Of A Ninja, Iruka/Kakashi

The Heart Of A Ninja by checkerbloom, R, 154,609 words
Someone wants to hurt Kakashi, where better to aim for than his heart?

Interesting, very interesting. Another one of those stories that I didn't love but I didn't hate either. But I'm difficult and honestly, I'm the sort of reader who could have done without the entire rogue nin plot (or it condensed to a couple chapters) because while it wasn't a bad plotline and the character was nicely thought out I did find that it took away from the Kakashi/Iruka loving a bit. But then I have always claimed to be characters over plot girl. But it was a good long story which is always appreciate and the characters were charming and good. However, I do believe it was one of those stories that started really well and then, well it didn't get bad it just lost some of its shine. Like Iruka and Kakashi were really nice and charming but once they got together I found them slightly out of character. But beyond a few objections it was a really fun and interesting story that made good use of its supporting characters.

"Why do you wear it?" Iruka asked suddenly.

Ah, here we go, they all want to know about the mask. Kakashi felt a little more sure footed now, this was familiar territory.

"The hitai-ate, I mean," Iruka said, completely throwing Kakashi for a loop, "why do you wear it over the Sharingan? Is it just to stop people from recognising you?"

Kakashi blinked a number of times in rapid succession. He was still standing in a puddle, Iruka was smiling hesitantly at him and there was a hint of jasmine clinging to his mask. His head was swimming.
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A Place to Belong, Iruka/Kakashi

A Place to Belong by Gryvon, R, 21,875 words
Iruka's last mission left two team members dead and the guilt from their deaths is slowly destroying him. Kakashi views his attraction to Iruka unhealthy and must decide between giving in to his feelings or letting Iruka fall prey to guilt.

This is an odd one. It's not a bad story - obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be recommending it but it does differ a bit from the norm, or at least the expectations I've built up for the couple. But. it's good, quite good, I can't say I loved it or even enjoyed it all the time but it was interesting and unexpected and had possessive Kakashi which I kinda, sorta love. So not a bad fic at all, just different.

The man – no, boy – in front of the stone jumped. He slowly turned. Part of Iruka's face was shadowed, marring his face like an ugly bruise. The dim streetlights provided poor illumination against the rain. Iruka's eyes were large and red. He was shaking. Rain rolled down his face like a steady stream of tears.

"It's late. Shouldn't you be sleeping?"

Iruka looked away. The shadow on his face moved with him. It wasn't a shadow at all.

Anger flooded Kakashi, as cold and fierce as if he were about to step into battle. Beneath the anger was a strange sense of possession, outrage that someone had dared touch what was his.