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Unbreakable, Snape/Draco

Unbreakable by femme, NC-17
One last time, Severus tells himself.

Oh, this pairing by far does not get enough love and fics such as this show why they need more love - because of how wonderful they can be. It has all the good things, heartbreak, family, friendship and everlasting love. In a non-corny way.

"I'm not a monster," Lucius says after a moment. "I know you care-" A sharp scowl from Severus makes him falter. He draws a deep breath and steeples his fingers. "It is my responsibility, as head of the family, to ensure that our line continues. I didn't expect to be saddled with a son who prefers men, Severus. Much less one who has the audacity to convince himself he's in love with you, of all people."

"Watch yourself," Severus snaps.
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By Chance, Snape/Draco

By Chance by femme, PG, 4100 words
Sometimes second chances do occur by chance.

Wonderful crossover, it work really, really well. Not to long, and not to short, just a ficlet view of an interesting idea.

Severus scowled, and the piemaker suddenly felt as if he had been thrust back into his first year at Longburrow School. He could almost feel the bite of the wooden bench outside the headmaster's office against his thighs. He chewed the inside of his cheek. "I didn't mean to bring you back," he said, almost apologetically.

"I see," Severus said, though the piemaker knew there was no way he could. He stared at Ned; Ned could feel the seconds tumbling past.
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Thursday Night, Snape/Draco

Thursday Night by gypsyflame, NC-17, 19000 words
When Amycus Carrow threatens him, Draco turns to Snape for protection. That choice leads him down a path he’d never thought he’d travel.

So hot. I mean, wow. I'm really in awe right now of how hot this fic is. They are delicious together, I loved how this relationship evolved and progressed. Gods though, so hot.

"Let me be blunt.” Snape’s hand settled heavily on Draco’s shoulder. “The boy belongs to me, Amycus. Keep your hands off him, or I will castrate you.”

Draco’s jaw dropped a little. Snape had spoken calmly, but it was clear that what he’d said wasn’t an idle threat. He was entirely serious. Draco had expected Snape to defend him, but not quite so… vehemently.
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A Real Steal, Draco/Snape

A Real Steal by the_con_cept, R, 9349 words
Draco is just drifting through life when a series of thefts and a new man give him a new lease on life. Now he just needs to keep the man’s interest . . .

Wonderful idea, its written and plays out so interestingly. You never know how much Draco knows or what exactly Severus's game is. But at the same time it is so nice and easy to just enjoy the ride and see what happens. Severus with Scorpius was lovely as well.

“Goodnight, father. And father?”

“Hmm?” Draco paused in the act of banishing the chair to its former place.

“Make sure the burglar doesn’t steal you, either.”

Draco smiled. “I really wouldn’t worry about it,” he said.

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En Prise, Snape/Draco

En Prise by nishizono, R
It's been seven days since he last saw another wizard, and this is the closest he's ever come to being truly happy.

Gosh, this is a strange pairing for me but I love them written like this! They make such an odd but wonderful pairing.

When Draco turns and disappears into the bedroom, the door catches a draft and swings shut with a bang. Severus stares at it for a moment, thinking about things like wooden gavels and cell doors, before turning and making his way back to the tiny living room. The chess board is exactly as they left it: a monochromatic battlefield with abstract soldiers. The pieces are molded plastic and ultimately meaningless, and he turns away to keep himself from hurling it against the wall.
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The Small Things, Snape/Draco

The Small Things by nishizono, NC-17, 5208 words
Life in Severus Snape's pocket was not nearly as exciting as it sounded.

Wow, wow, wow. This is such a gorgeous story. Filled with lovely little lines and imagery. This idea shouldn't work but oh boy it does. I would love to read more of this universe.

There were also some advantages, however few. Whenever Snape ventured out to restock their supplies, Draco went along, concealed in his disguised guardian's wand pocket. This allowed him to overhear a great deal more than he would have, had he been a proper size and distracted by other stimuli. That was how he learned, for example, that Snape was fluent in both Italian and French, and that the gruff potions master was actually polite to those who didn't go out of their way to annoy him. Draco also learned that if he leaned up against the seam closest to his protector's chest, he could fall asleep to the sound of Snape's heartbeat.
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Give My Heart, Snape/Draco Draco/Harry

Give My Heart by gypsyflame, NC-17, 42,680 words
Voldemort gives Draco a mission to seduce Harry into an ambush - not knowing that Draco is an Order spy. When Draco and Harry try to turn Voldemort's plan against him, Draco realizes that his relationship with Severus may not survive the challenge.

I hate infidelity, in fics and in real life. But as much as reading this disturbed me, made me ache with the sadness of it, it was also so wonderfully written and powerful. It does hurt, it is sad and hurtful but the relationships between all the characters are amazing and so interesting. I was sitting on the edge waiting to see how it was going to end.

“Do I seem okay with this?” Draco shook his head in disgust. “I’m not. But I’m willing to do what I have to. I want this war over as much as you do.”

Potter nodded, then looked at Severus. “Are you okay with this?”

Severus tensed, and so did Draco.

Although everyone present was aware of Severus and Draco’s relationship, nobody ever, ever talked about it. Potter was breaking an unwritten rule by bringing it up.

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Twilight Rain, Draco/Snape

Twilight Rain by femmequixotic, NC-17
It's raining when Father leaves to collect Severus's body.

Lovely, beautiful. Such a wonderful use of words, structure... it's a tad heart breaking and a bit uplifting, more than that it is interesting.

I rest my head against his shoulder and pretend none of this has happened, pretend that we're still in his bed, in his chambers, arms and legs tangled, sleeping at last.

Pretending isn't as easy as it once was.
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The Years That Walk Between, Draco/Snape Draco/Harry

The Years That Walk Between by femmequixotic (NC-17)
Draco finds his way after the war.

This works so well that it leaves me in awe. Spoilers for HD is what the story is all about. It's about life after the book, it's about how they lived after the book.

He can still feel Severus's last touch, the press of his mouth against Draco's only a night before. A slow kiss, given just steps away from where he's now sitting, and then another, and another, and Draco had twisted his fingers in Severus's robe, not wanting to let go. Ever.

Perhaps he shouldn't have.
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Lack of Morals, Snape/Lucius Snape/Draco

Lack of Morals by Kat Reitz and Tzigane (NC-17)
"He'll sort Slytherin, not Ravenclaw." "Well, I suppose someone must sort there."

I love this story. I loved it when I first read it and I continue to love it everytime I reread it. If you are soured by the father-then-son thing, don't be. It isn't like what your expecting or, if it is, it's actually so much more. It's beyond worth a read, it's a required read. It hurts, it bleeds, it laughs, it's happy.

Saying that about the whole father-then-son thing, though, you can read the final part on it's own for only Draco/Severus, I recommend reading the whole fic because it's brilliant and wonderful and won't regret it but, hey, anything to get you to read this.

"Mummy's taken up gardening," Draco told him primly, hurrying towards the stairs. "She says Daddy would make good fertilizer if he'd just try. Or maybe die. I'm not sure which."

"Ahh..." Severus's brows furrowed for a moment, as they turned a corner quickly, too; Severus was glad of his long legs because Draco still raced to get where he wanted to be. "And your father?"

"Daddy says that if she wasn't such a witch, she wouldn't need fertilizer. Do Muggles not need fertilizer, then? Or I think he said witch. They were very loud," Draco whispered, pausing in front of the door two down from the nursery.