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Unexplored Possibilities, House/Wilson

Unexplored Possibilities by daasgrrl  NC-17
Their attempt at a relationship had been doomed from the beginning.

This is a fascinating, freaky, wonderful read. It gave me the shivers, it made me stop and think. It made me uncomfortable and completely enthralled. A must read.

House thought that he should have seen it coming, and yet it still took him by surprise the day he arrived home to be greeted by a stack of cardboard boxes in the living room. He found Wilson in the kitchen, methodically packing saucepans, of which he had always possessed an unreasonable number. Stalling for time, House went over to the refrigerator and drank his customary post-ride helping of juice, straight from the container. Wilson had not yet bothered to acknowledge him.

When he was done with the juice, House stood in silence for a moment, empty container in hand, watching him. All he could think of to say was, "Where?"

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Five True Things About Gregory House and Addison Montgomery, House/Addison

Five True Things About Gregory House and Addison Montgomery by mardia, PG-13

You MUST read this before it's Addison and House, together. Because it's a well done five things story and because it's good. I think it's pretty obvious that I am a fan of the 'strange' or 'unusual' pairings and this is one of the stories that helps explain why. It's just a short, quick look at five aspects of their relationship and, without a doubt, makes you want more.

Sometimes, Addison looks at this relationship and thinks she's as crazy as everyone else believes her to be.

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Things To Do Before You Die, House/Wilson

Things To Do Before You Die by thedeadparrot, PG-13
In which Wilson turns thirty-eight and a half, thinks about kittens, and doesn't have a midlife crisis. But not necessarily in that order.

Very nice, amusing and well written ficlet.

Since House has already set the ground rules, Wilson figures he might as well go along with it, see how far they can take it. The next morning he heads to the office extra early, when the sun is barely peeking over the trees, so that he has enough time to set up.

It's a real bitch, dragging himself out of bed, but it's completely worth it when House storms into his office later that day holding a blue post-it with the words, "#15 - Pull off a whoopie cushion gag," written on it in one hand and said whoopie cushion, painted black on one side for camouflage, in the other.
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The Doctors, Gen

The Doctors by violet_quill, PG-13
Rose becomes ill, so the Doctor and Jack take her to the person most likely to help her.

Such an awesome idea and done really well.

House pointed at himself. "A doctor." And then pointed at the other man. "The doctor."

The Doctor looked impatient. "Yes."

"Like the butcher, the baker, the candlestick - "

"Is there anything I can do to force this information more quickly into your thick ape-like skull so that we can move on?"
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Ten Percent Solution, Starsky/Hutch House/Wilson

Hutch leaned up so he could see Starsky better. “It’s not going to be safe for you either, if you don’t start talking. Are you okay?”

“Better now. The docs fixed me up. You on the other hand, are a pain in my ass. Fainted like a girl . . .”

Ten Percent Solution by Kaye, PG-13

A Starsky and Hutch and House crossover, oh yes, you heard me right and oh yes, it's as good as you would think it would be.

“Yo, Serpico, wake up.”

Hutch, his eyes still closed, struck fast. He had House by the throat and pulled across his body before anyone could react.

“Give me a reason I shouldn’t kick your ass.”

Wilson flew around Starsky’s bed and was pulling on House’s shoulder by the time House struggled to get his cane loose. Get his hands loose. Get loose.

“Let him go, Hutch.” Starsky’s voice stopped every movement in the other bed. Hutch released House, who slid off the bed into Wilson, who stumbled back, but managed to keep them both upright.
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Defensive Strategies, House/Wilson

Defensive Strategies by m_butterfly, R
In which Wilson has a problem, House has a cunning plan, girls hunt in packs, chocolate cake has unexpected dangers, furniture is unintentionally ordered, several conversations occur, and dinner is repeatedly served. Starring House, Wilson, House & Wilson's Issues, Cuddy, an Original Female Character, and the Original Female Character's Breasts. Trust me, they deserve the separate billing.

This story is cute and hot, but mostly cute. Which is nice. More than anything this story is just one of those must-reads of the pairing.

Very dimly, just before they broke for air, Wilson wondered exactly what the protocol was for that sort of a kiss after years of friendship and what might be considered three solid weeks of dating. Seeing the quickly smothered heat in House's eyes, and thinking back over how much House had clearly enjoyed taking liberties during that period of pretending to be involved, Wilson mentally scratched out 'might be considered': they'd been dating. Wilson just hadn't noticed it.
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Five Days a Week, House/Wilson

Five Days a Week by m_butterfly, PG-13
Five ways in which the Duckings didn't find out about House and Wilson.

I like m_butterfly, I enjoy her work and even more so I enjoy this story. I must admit though I had to read it through twice to get it but then again the my error for not reading the AN first. This story is amusing and delightful and amusing :) Just read it. My fav, by the way, is no.5

"Well," House began, sounding oddly casual, "the Mets are losing, insurance rates are up, interest rates are down, the stock market is holding stable, and oh yeah, Wilson and I are sleeping together now."
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Infectious Personalities, House/Wilson

Infectious Personalities by swordkat , NC-17
House faces two challenges. A strange new case involving a rather horrifying set of symptoms and a change in direction in his relationship with Wilson.

Series are nice aren't they? Because you see the word series and think lots of stories or at least long stories :) This series has both lots of chapters and long chapters at that. Infectious Personalites is a very good House/Wilson series, it stays in character and stays very true to their relationship the only downer for me was I got bored at times, but that's just because the medical stuff doesn't interest me as much as simply House/Wilson and their reactions to each other does. But all the medical stuff is a plus for everyone who really enjoys it.

It was the movement of the other people in the room that started Wilson out of his thoughts and he realised that the meeting was over. He gave himself a small shake and wondered how long he’d been caught in his introspection. He glanced over at Cuddy and had to quickly look away before he laughed at the expression on her face. That expression promised revenge and probably more clinic hours.

“Tell me you didn’t spend the entire meeting annoying Cuddy,” he said quietly to House. “She’s going to want revenge and she’s going to get it.”

“It’ll be worth it,” House replied as he pushed himself to his feet. “Besides you spent the entire meeting looking at me. Which was flattering but is definitely going to start all those rumours again.”
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Tracking Time, House/Wilson

Tracking Time by Namaste, G
A look at House and Wilson’s friendship and how it developed, with glimpses and points of their lives over the past eight years or so.

The thing with this story is that while it's really, really good and shows us a great look at House/Wilson friendship it really says nothing romance wise. But still it had me entralled and really stuck to the characters, and loving the bit when Chase, Cameron then Foremen arrive.

When Cuddy first offered House his own department and all the perks that came with it, he had demanded possession of the connecting rooms in the hospital’s new wing. He’d been ready to play the cripple card, and argue that the faculty offices in the older part of the hospital where Wilson hung his lab coat were too far to walk on his painful leg.

Cuddy had agreed quickly, though, muttering something under her breath that led House to believe that her real reasoning was the same one that had prompted his third grade teacher to seat him and Tony Clarke on opposite sides of the room after the first two weeks of class.
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A Smaller World, House/Wilson

A Smaller World by fourteencandles (PG)
The thing between them works, if Wilson doesn't push for more.

This is just wonderful! Wonderful!

The waiter sets their salads down just as House says, "But I am knocked up." Wilson sips his water and doesn't meet the waiter's eyes, fighting dueling reactions: embarrassment and amusement. As the man leaves, House continues, "I'm counting on you to do the right thing."

"And get you a psych consult?"

"These hurtful words aren't good for the baby," House says, smirking.