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Any Note You Can Reach, Gerard/Brendon

Any Note You Can Reach by reni_days, PG-13, 5772 words
So, Gerard asks Mikey to ask Pete to ask the Ross kid to ask his band if MCR can cover their song on tour. That's pretty much where all the problems start.

This is one of those fiches that's a combination of sweet, hilarious and endearing wrapped into a sparkly awesome package. Like even if you can't really imagine the pairing you have to read this anyway because it is that adorable.

"Seriously. He's at least twenty, right?"

Gerard scowls. "He's twenty-one," he mutters. Not that he checked. "Not that I checked. Because it doesn't matter, we're not flirting. It's just.
We're just - "

"He invited you to 'have his ass,'" Frank says slowly. "Onstage. In front of the entire internet. I don't actually know what you're freaking out about, man. He couldn't have made it much clearer that you're not going to get shot down, or whatever."
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Nothing’s Fair in Love or High School, Frank/Gerard

Nothing’s Fair in Love or High School by allyndra , PG-13
Frank can deal with being a loser in high school, but he’d kind of like to stop being a loser who’s in love with his best friend, thanks.

Highschool fic is such a guilty pleasure of mine, and this fic really shows why. Enjoy.

“Dave Mustaine has girl hair,” he said meditatively. Then he snapped his mouth shut and looked over his shoulder, because he did not want Gerard giving him a lecture on how stifling gender roles could be. Or smacking him upside the head and calling him a retard, which was equally likely.
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Sing Ourselves to Sleep, Patrick/Gerard

Sing Ourselves to Sleep by dsudis , PG
Being exhausted is nothing like being drunk, but some nights Gerard gets too tired to remember that.

Ohh, very fun pairing. Not done that often, or at least not done to my tastes often but this is a really good example of how well odd pairings can work given the chance.

The footsteps stop, and Patrick Stump says, "Oh, fuck me."

Gerard grins and picks his head up, remembering halfway through to actually open his eyes. Patrick is standing near the bus door, and Gerard can't read his face in the dimness, shadowed by the brim of his hat. "If that's an invitation, I've heard better."

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Day Job, Gerard/Frank

Day Job, or, The Ridiculous Grocery AU In Which Frank Works In The Deli, Pines For Gerard, The Hot Checkout Boy, And Is Advised By Many To Forget About It by ishyface , PG-13

It's just so adorable! And yet strangely uncomfortable. But good. And very cute overall.

"And you haven't made a move," Andy continued, ticking points off on his fingers for emphasis. "You barely ever talk to the kid. You make eye contact maybe once a month. Hell, you're almost as awkward as he is. So not only are you staying here because you want to bone a cashier, you're staying here because you want to bone a cashier you never speak to."

Frank laid his head back on the table. "Life sucks," he said again. Andy snorted.

"Dude, try being a vegan butcher for a day, then tell me life sucks."

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On Measuring Life With Coffee Spoons, R

On Measuring Life With Coffee Spoons by iamtheenemy, R

I think one of the best ie funniest things about this story is how Gerard just doesn't get it and how Mikey does and, I loved that. I actually loved a lot of things in this fic.

The first thing Mikey said when Gerard got into the car was, “Dude, did you shower?”

“Fuck off,” Gerard said, pulling the hood up over his clean hair and slumping down into the passenger seat.

“No, it’s good!” Mikey said. “You’re making an effort. I’m so proud of you. I think I might be tearing up a little.”

“God, Mikey, fuck off,” Gerard repeated.
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Buy Handmade, Gerard/Frank

Buy Handmade by jjtaylor, R
He knows something else is going to happen; his life isn't always going to be this. He just doesn't know what has to happen for that change to come, for him to wake up and become an artist with an Etsy page and a home studio, and to never have to see a cubicle again.

There’s another shorter message that follows, and it asks if Frank has, like, you know, a favorite plant, or tree, or flower or something, and if he feels okay about it, to send his address and the artist will make him something, don’t worry about paying.

Frank doesn’t know if he has a favorite plant, but he’ll find one if this guy is asking. There’s a tree with bright red berries outside the parking lot to the bakery and Frank asks Bob the next morning what it’s called. Bob answers, "Winterberry," like it’s obvious, then stops dead and asks Frank if he ate them, and only goes back to his cinnamon rolls when Frank assures him he’s just curious and has no interest in eating the berries.
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Best Days, Frank/Gerard | Brendon/Ryan | Gen

Best Days by harriet_vane, PG-13
(Sequel to Star Shaped)
(Sequel to Forever, Now)

Awesome! Guh! Just so awesome!

“Spencer,” said Jon, “is really fucking adorable when he’s mad. Anyway, I need to ask you something.”

“Anything for you, Jon Walker,” Brendon said, because it was true.

Jon laughed. “I signed up for a photography class. I used to do it a lot, and Spencer was bugging me. I need a model.”

Brendon squinched his face up, even though Jon couldn’t see him. “I’ll model nude for you, Jon, but only if you clear it with Ryan,” he said.

“You are such a dork. I meant your face, actually. As irresistible as your ass is. Ow. Ryan hit me.”

“Yeah,” said Brendon, feeling a tiny bit better. “Good.”

“When I take pictures of Ryan he just stares at me. I have seventeen pictures of Spencer pointing angrily at me trying to get me to stop. So I need you to come home and let me take lots of pictures of you. Cool?”

“That’s barely a favor,” Brendon scoffed. “Can I make faces? Oooh, I do the best Tyra Banks ‘fierce’ eyes
ever. You won’t even believe it.”
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Star Shaped, Brendon/Ryan

“If one of us just had a car, we could climb in the backseat and fog up the windows, like in Titanic.”

“That’s it, Brendon; dream big.”

Star Shaped by passe_simple, PG-13
(Sequel to Forever, Now)
Brendon’s not having the best holiday season ever.

So good! So good! I mean I don't even know what to say besides that I enjoyed it so much! Oh, Brendon, oh, Ryan, oh, Spencer. Just, for the love of god, read it!

He wanted to know everything about Ryan Ross; why did he wear so many scarves? Why did he paint his face? Why did he work for Brian? What were his hopes and dreams? Did he date boys? There were
so many pressing questions.
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A Week In The Life Of Bob Bryar: Elementary School Janitor, Ryan/Bob

A Week In The Life Of Bob Bryar: Elementary School Janitor by skoosiepants, PG, 3500+
Bob feels more like himself on Friday, so of course that’s when Ross sets his room on fire.

Very awesome. Just awesome.

“She’s, uh, enthusiastic,” Ross says.

Bill points a finger at him. “I like your attitude, Ross. You lie, but I like it. This fucking rain is killing me.”

Ross’s mouth curves up a little, almost a smile, and Bob’s heart fucking stutters.

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Forever, Now; Gerard/Frenk, Gen

“Frank, you can’t kill everyone who bugs me,” Gerard said.

“Yes, I can.”

They stared at each other for a minute, until Gerard gave up and rolled his eyes. It was kind of cute, in Frank’s opinion, the way Gerard thought he could stop Frank from killing.

Forever, Now by passe_simple, PG
Gerard and Mikey have lost their parents, but they've found Brian.

I love this beyond words, it is gorgeous and amazing and utterly lovely and touching, with a little bit of heart breaking on the side. One of the best MCR fics I've read. I was so in love with the relationship between Mikey and Gerard, I love reading them like this. And Frankie and Gerard, I don't even know. It was a bit of a shame about Bert, because I love him and then he was just a shit in this story but, oh well, it was so good it barely mattered.

“Gerard got punched in the face!” Mikey said. He sounded a lot more thrilled than worried.

what?” Brian’s heart leapt in to his throat. Claire was coming by in a little while.

Mikey nodded excitedly. “There’s blood
everywhere. It’s all over his face! It’s pretty cool.”