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Multi-Fandom Recs

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Recs Like Whoa: Multi Fandom Recs
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Recs of all shapes and sizes
Welcome to recslikewhoa, a multi-fandom reccing community. Updated daily/weekly. Enjoy your stay, and please don't fight the urge to friend.

active fandoms.
I often go back and forward between what I'm reading so expect recs for fandoms other than what is listed here but these are my most updated fandoms currenty.

Sherlock BBC,
Harry Potter,
and many more... .


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agron/nasir, angel the series, anime, arrested development, ats, bandslash, battlestar galactica, beautiful thing, bones, boston legal, bridget jones's diary, buffy the vampire slayer, cobra starfish, criminal intent, criminal minds, csi, dead like me, disney, doctor who, entourage, fall out boy, fanfic, fob, friends, g, gay, gen, glee, gossip girl, gravitation, grey's anatomy, gym class heroes, harry potter, het, high school musical, house, hp, iruka/kakashi, john/sherlock, kakashi/iruka, kyou kara maou, latter days, law & order: svu, lesbian, lestrade/mycroft, leverage, little miss sunshine, lost, loveless, manga, mcr, merlin, movie, my chemical romance, mycroft/lestrade, nagron, narnia, naruto, nc-17, ncis, one tree hill, original, oz, p!atd, panic! at the disco, patd, pet shop of horrors, pg, pg-13, pirates of the carribean, popslash, pretty guardian sailor moon, prison break, project runway, psych, queer as folk, r, rec, recommend, recs, remember the titans, romeo and juliet, roswell, rps, rurouni kenshin, sailor moon, samurai champloo, saved, scrubs, secret garden, sex and the city, sga, sherlock, sherlock bbc, sherlock/john, shikamari, slash, smallville, snape, snape/hermione, snape/potter, spartacus, spirited away, ss/hp, stargate: atlantis, starsky and hutch, supernatural, that 70's show, the academy is..., the big bang theory, the breakfast club, the dead zone, the l word, the labyrinth, the oc, the princess bride, the used, the wire, tin man, torchwood, tv, twilight, veronica mars, viewfinder, viva la bam, without a trace, x-men, x-men evolution, x-men movie, yoai, yuri

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