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There is No Modern Romance, Brian/Emmett

There is No Modern Romance by Sandy (R)
You know, if you're not careful, somebody's going to take advantage of you some day.

So the deal is, I'm not Brian and Justin's number one shipper, mainly because I'm not a huge Justin fan but anyways, my point is, I love stories where Brian's in relationships with people in their core group who aren't Justin and are mainly Emmett. Sadly Emmett and Brian stories are limited but I'm surviving, mostly because every once in a while I come along to a story like this and while Justin's a factor it's not so much about him as it is about them.

Brian's one wish from humanity and the world is for twenty-four hours to pass without being called an asshole for not visiting Justin and without having a little meet-cute with Emmett.

This is not that day.

With Michael off playing house and Justin off playing dead, Brian's got a lot more time on his hands than he used to have and suddenly Emmett thinks he's Brian's new best friend. It is not a welcome development, but Brian supposes being best friends with Emmett is better than the only remaining alternative, which would be Ted.
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the world before columbus, Brian/Justin

the world before columbus by Kel (PG)
Five things that never happened to Gus Peterson-Marcus

I always enjoy reading about Gus, you just know he's going to grow up to be very interesting. Five very good ideas.

"I've accepted Jesus as my personal savior," Gus says. "It's not that I don't love you, but what you're doing is a sin, okay? My minister says I have to be a godly example for you."

"Well, Christ on a cross," his father says. "Most kids your age just egg some fucking cars."
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Idestructible, Brian/Justin

Idestructible by Tinkerbell (NC-17)
Brian has an accident.

Very, very sad and what's most sad is just Justin's shock and, well, the interuptions with questions and it's almost painful to read. And I'm not a huge Justin fan and I just wanted to hug him.

Brian looks like hell, and it hurts Justin’s eyes. Gigantic bruises mar the skin of his face. They meld into each other and Brian appears to be one huge mass of battered flesh, and Justin has to look away from it. He knows Brian wouldn’t want Justin staring at him anyway, and he especially wouldn’t want Lindsay and Michael fluttering around him. And most of all, he wouldn’t want his mother leaning over him the way she is, examining him, and then lowering her eyes in disgust.

Brian wouldn’t fucking want any of this.
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Identity Crisis, Brian/Justin

Identity Crisis by Suz (R)
The first time it happened, he laughed it off.

Very funny, laugh out loud funny. And cute and sweet as hell.

Turning, Michael saw Justin standing at the top of the stairs, arms folded across his chest.

Oh, Brian was in *so* much trouble.

"Suddenly I need to do something in the house," he blurted out, getting to his feet and running inside.

"Chickenshit!" Brian yelled after him.
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Learning Curve, Justin/Brian

Learning Curve by Tinkerbell (PG)
Babysitting is hard.

I love reading any story where Brian is put in any situation with his son. And if Justin's there it's just too. Because seriously kids say the darnest things and Gus can be used so well.

“Kiddo,” Brian says with warmth. “Who's the man?”

“Me,” he proclaims, and maneuvers himself to a sitting position, straddling Brian's legs and facing the television.

“You're supposed to say me,” Brian tells him, and wiggles a finger in his side. Gus squeals and writhes with glee. Michael sees Justin smile to himself before returning attention to Jenny, wrinkling his nose at her and trying to make her laugh.
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Every Time, Michael/Brian

He did the funeral arrangements with Emmett, who had to keep excusing himself to “powder his nose” until Brian finally said “Jesus! Come here!” and let Em cry on his shoulder.

Every Time by Synchronik (R)
It's always been the two of them.

I don't really like this pairing but it's done very well in this story, and even if it wasn't so very well written I would love it for the fact it actually points out the obvious, that everyone always seems to forget, Justin is the one that always leaves - Not Brian.

When he got back to the loft, the door was open. “Fuck,” he muttered. He’d been robbed before, before he’d given all his shit up willingly for a “cause” and realized how much he loved it and how much it cost to replace. “Not the clothes,” he whispered, pushing the door open all the way, but it wasn’t burglars, just Justin, sitting on the couch with his feet up.
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Love of His Life, Brian/Justin

Love of His Life by Julad (PG-13)
Brian gets amnesia!

Read summary! Read story! Now!

The blond, who kept saying his name was Justin, brought him pills and made him lie down. Brian couldn't stop seeing his reflection in the mirror-- bags under his eyes, sagging chin, wrinkles around his mouth. It was a joke, it had to be a joke-- or bad drugs. That couldn't have been E he took last night. He was never buying drugs from that prick Aaron again.

Justin fussed around him, putting a bottle of water by the bed and plumping up the pillows. He was wearing indecently thin trackpants and rubbing Brian's forehead and running hands through his hair. Okay, he was hot. That ass.

"Come here," Brian said, grabbing his hand and pulling it down to his cock.

"Brian!" the blond squealed. "You have amnesia!"

"So?" Brian tugged him into the bed. "Jog my memory."
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Omelet, Justin/Brian

Omelet by Rhiannonhero (R)

HIV/AIDS is such a big thing that's it's ... not nice, never nice, but interesting to see it getting addressed. Very well done, and the portrayals of everyones reactions are very much in character.

Brian thumped down the few steps and trudged over to the kitchen. He ignored Daphne and Justin entirely, staring into the depths of the refrigerator until Justin reached around him and handed him the guava juice. Brian looked at the container in his hand like he had no clue where it had come from. Justin took it back, poured the juice into a glass. Brian accepted it wordlessly and walked blindly over to the couch.
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Tally Marks, Brian/Justin

Tally Marks by ragingpixie (NC-17)

I love Justin when he's all, 'you know you love me' and Brian all, 'yeah, yeah. If it'll make you shut up.' Heh.

“I bet I can make more people fall in love with me than you can.”

“What?” Brian stubs out the last of his cigarette and gives Justin what he hopes is a thoroughly disgusted look.

“You said the other day that there’s no one left at Babylon who doesn’t love you. I don’t think screaming out ‘God, I love you!’ while they’re coming really counts. So I bet you I can make more people fall in love with me than you can.” Justin doesn’t look smug or confident, just matter-of-fact.
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Through the Eyes of a Short One, Brian/Justin

Through the Eyes of a Short One by Rhiannonhero (PG)

It's very, very cute. And I love when we see things through Gus's eyes. Sadly, it's not often done well.

"Daddy said to ask Grandma Kinney about Jesus having sex with the apostles."

"Oh. Uh, no. Don't do that, okay?"


Justin closed his eyes and bit his lip. "Do you know what sex is, Gus?"

"It's like a really big meal."

Justin nodded with a very serious expression. "I see. Who told you that?"

"Well, Grandma says that Christ had a big, special meal with his apostles. Daddy said Christ had sex with the apostles--so, sex is the big special meal."