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Your Own Backyard, JC/Justin

"Remember to take your cell phone, Jace and charge it before you leave, and a map, and call if you get lost or lose Justin, or something like that."

Your Own Backyard by arsenicjade (PG)
JC takes Justin along on a road trip.

It's jealously and growning up and falling in love and not realizing it and just, it's everything. It works and you really have yo read it.

JC gripped the phone tightly and allowed a little bit of hurt to creep into his voice. "I take excellent care of Panther."

Panther was JC's car. JC refused to own things without names.
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ManDate, Chris/Lance JC/Justin Joey/Nick

ManDate by Deirdre (NC-17)

I'm not a huge fan of the start but it warmed for me in the middle and it's generally good and funny and it's worth a read.

“What?” Joey tried to look insulted, and failed. “I hear all this thumping and bumping and crashing of things—thanks a lot, C, for breaking the lamp, by the way, and hey, that *was* my favorite shirt—so I came out to make sure you weren’t being. Um. Coerced.”

“Do I *look* coerced?” JC snapped, and Joey had the good grace to blush.

“Well, no. But in the sexual Olympics, you do get a nine-point-nine for hotness, even if you only get a five for technique—it was an eight point five before you broke the lamp and ruined my shirt. You do get a ten for choice of partner, though,” Joey replied with the grin JC could never resist.
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Hard To Say I'm Sorry: A film about *NSync, Justin/JC

"That's why you guys have been all weird?" Justin demanded. "It didn't occur to any of you to just ask me?"

"Uh," Lance said, scratching his neck. "No? JC said we should, but he was outvoted."

Hard To Say I'm Sorry: A film about *NSync
by Sara (NC-17)
Justin Timberlake, former boyband member turned solo artist turned boyband member again turned amateur documentarian. Does he know what he's doing? No, but isn't he cute?

Very, very good. Miscommunication is always a winner, always.

"Yes," Chris said. He still hadn't moved. Justin thought about making him move, possibly by throwing something at him. Maybe JC.

"What?" JC asked when Justin glanced sideways at him.

"How much do you weigh?" Justin said, looking him up and down.

JC sidled away. "Too much for you to lift."

"That sounds like a challenge," Joey said, looking up at them.

"Did you just read his mind?" Lance asked JC.

Justin thought about JC naked, and squinted at him. "Have you been working out?" he asked, trying to get a better mental picture.
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Go Looking, JC/Justin

Go Looking by Torch (PG-13)

You wonder, like JC, what the hell is going on but at least you also get to enjoy the story.

"Stuff in the fridge, too," Chris said, waving his hand. "There's a huge salad from last night, with avocado and jumbo shrimp and that stuff I can't spell."





JC opened the fridge and stared down into the salad bowl. "Tomatoes?"
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The Abdul Theory (remix) JC/Justin Chris/Lance

The Abdul Theory (extended behind the scenes two-for-the-price-of-one rhinestone romance remix) by torch (R)

I'm in love with this. This is a portrayal of Justin and JC (and the other characters) that I adore and love and would like to marry.


JC ducked, and a small yellow rubber duck sailed through the air over his head and hit the back of Lance's head. Lance turned around and scowled. "The hell?"

"Duck," Chris said, grinning. "I named him Lancelot after you. Look, he's got your eyes!"

Lance picked up the rubber duck. JC got out of the line of fire. "Small and black and painted on. Yeah. I can see that."

"Maybe I should have called him Lancelittle," Chris said. "Anyway, this hotel has the greatest whirlpool and sauna and stuff. We should go frolic! With Lancelot. Little."
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Flirt a little, maybe JC/Justin

Flirt a little, maybe by Torch (PG)

Ah, cuteness. See the cuteness, dare ya.

"See, that's my point," Chris said. "He knows that. Not that you're gonna ravish him on the dance floor or anything, cause that would pretty much wreck out careers right there, but there's a something. Spark. And it makes him happy, and it's your turn anyway even if you have blisters, so get going."

"But he's only a child," JC said.

"Did I say you had to have sex with him? Oh, lord, here comes the body roll. Get out there. Grab him before someone else does, kiss him if you have to, just keep him safe and get him out of here unmolested by half the population of Munich before the night is over."
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All The Way Down, Lance/Chris JC/Justin

All The Way Down by Juli (NC-17)

This was written for a soap opera challenge so it's kind of predictable but at the same time I imagined it'd be much worst than it is. It actually kind of reminds me of those Oz AU's where Toby's the lawyer with Chris's case or Chris is a builder or just, well it's a fun, long story.

“I think I do. If I don’t, I’ll learn,” he replied, and Chris thought this kid should be a lawyer, with all the perfect comebacks. Chris stepped close and kissed him again, the now-sweaty, sex-smelling boy who’d walked into his garage and kept coming back.

“I’m still charging you for the car,” Chris said, and Lance snorted with laughter until Chris kissed him again.
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Jailbait Street, JC/Justin

Jailbait Street by torch (NC-17)

It's cute and sweet and that's great every once and a while.

Joey nodded. "You gotta be careful with shit like that. Cause you have, like, that look, you know."

Lance drew his brows together. "What look?"

Joey looked at JC, and JC shook his head. "I'm not touching that one. You said it."

"Me and my big mouth," Joey muttered. He turned back to Lance. "Well, you're kinda... innocent-looking. Cute."

"But not right now," JC added brightly. "Right now, you look really scary. Keep it up."

While Lance was telling Joey what he thought about Joey's looks, behavior, dress sense, and probable genetic heritage, JC got up off the bed, feeling as though he were on his way to the dentist. He patted Joey's shoulder on the way to the door, and Joey gave him a sorrowful look. Tough beans, JC thought. Lima beans, maybe.
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Reindeer Games, Justin/JC

Reindeer Games by Jae (NC-17)

Very good, it isn't really the kind of relationships I enjoy reading about (threesome) but it works and it's amusing and angsty and I'm not sure the overall message works for me but what the hell, I'm picky and this is good.

"I guess it's just because - well, we're different from you, C. We're tough. We can take it. You're - you're more fragile." JC crossed his arms and looked at Joey. "No, I meant it in a good way," Joey said. "Like - like a flower. Like a pretty flower that everybody loves."

"Okay, you know what? I'm getting really sick of people saying things like that. What, just because I want to wear -" JC looked down at himself. "Just because I wear pink pants and a shirt with feathers, that means I'm not tough? I'm not manly?"

Joey looked away.

"Oh, God," JC said, looking down at himself again. "Oh my God. No wonder he said that. I am like a flower. An insane, pink, feathered flower."

"A pretty, insane, pink, feathered flower that everybody loves," Joey said helpfully.

"Oh, God," JC said again. "How did this happen? I just wanted to look a little - brighter. A little shinier. I'm a freak! Why do you let me out like this? I have to do something about these clothes."
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Remember, Justin/JC

"Oh, yes," Chris said gleefully. "And I can relay Kevin's answer - he said he was sorry he was out of town and couldn't come to your party, but he hoped you had a happy birthday and that it was very nice of you to say you loved him. At least, I'm pretty sure that's what he said. It was a little hard to tell with all the laughing."

"I told all the Backstreet Boys I loved them?" Justin said.

Remember by Jae (R)
Justin has a birthday. He doesn't remember much of it.

So, so very funny. Like, you must die if you don't read this or you have never really lived until you read this funny. Seriously, a classic popslash stories that I am so, so happy I've read.

"Why did you let me talk to him when I was that drunk?" Justin said. "Why would you do that? What's wrong with you?"

Lance rubbed his hands together happily. Joey and Chris pulled out their wallets and handed him fifty dollars each.

"What are you giving him?" Justin asked.

"We had a bet," Lance said. "On what you'd say first when you saw it. I said you'd find a way to make it our fault."

"I said you'd start to cry," Joey said. Justin looked at him indignantly. "Well, you French-kissed Carson Daly on national TV, man. I mean, I'd cry."

"What'd you say?" Justin asked Chris.

"I said you'd claim it was your evil twin," Chris said. "I had nothing - Bass got in there so fast with the blaming us thing. It was a sucker bet, really. I must've been drunk myself to take it."