Oh the places you'll go (sightsee) wrote in recslikewhoa,
Oh the places you'll go

Sleeping Beauty, Justin/JC

Joey and Lance looked at him. "Yeah, but that was ages -" Joey said, and stopped. "Just out of curiosity, C, what year do you think this is?"

"Shut up," JC said. He thought for a second. "Shut up." Joey and Lance laughed again, and JC sighed and waited for them to stop.

Sleeping Beauty by Jae (R)
JC wakes up.

I love that whole idea of something being right in front of you and yet you don't see it, but everyone else does. This is kind of like that except, well, JC sleeps.

"You could get a tattoo."

"Um," JC said, "paralyzing fear of needles here."

"Oh, fine, fine," Justin said. "How about a piercing?"

"Have you not heard about my paralyzing fear of needles?"

Tags: popslash: [popslash], popslash: jc/justin

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