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The Runaway Race, Ian/Mickey

The Runaway Race by ronandhermy, R, 40,029 words
During an investigation by Child Protective Services it is revealed that Ian is not Frank Gallagher's son but Clayton Gallagher's. Ian goes to live with his new found family but it's like they say, you can take the kid out of the Southside but you can't take the Southside out of the kid.

This is so engaging and so well written, it's just great. I loved this concept and how it still had the characters as we know and love them but turned everything upside down at the same time. Not only was watching Ian and Mickey relationship develop awesome but also watching Ian with his 'other' family is great too. Also nothing, nothing, beats Mickey's relationship with Ian new family.

Mickey let him go and Ian ended up curling in on himself on the floor. After a long silence Ian said, “Monica’s back. Again. Except this time she wants to kidnap Liam.” And then he was laughing, laughing so hard he started to cry, and then he was just sobbing into his hands while lying on Mickey’s dirty floor. “They didn’t want me,” Ian gasped out as he continued to sob. It wasn’t manly and it wasn't pleasant. It was ugly and dark and full of a childhood filled with broken promises.

“Fuck,” Mickey muttered under his breath. Then Ian could hear him moving around before sitting down next to him. A flick of a match and then Ian smelled the familiar odor of pot. “Here,” Mickey said, thrusting the blunt into Ian’s face, “Smoke this.”
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