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The Way the War was Won, Dean/Castiel

The Way the War was Won by deans1911, R, 37258 words
Dean and Cas are buddy cops faking a marriage for the benefits and tax breaks. Except for the part where Dean’s sort of actually in love with his partner and doesn’t realize it yet.

Aww cute and sweet and long. I like that we sort of skip the angsty section of their relationship and skip straight to the finally getting their shit together part. Like there's still some angst, but not enough to hurt and it is such a well written story just even though we're just hearing about their history you still feel like you know their whole story. Fun and amazing read, I loved it.

“Are you actually gay or just Cas-sexual?” she quips, grinning. Dean wants to shoot her, but he doubts that Cas would approve of brain matter on their new carpet. Sam needs to upgrade. Ruby is officially a demon.

“Not really any of your business,” he mutters.

Ruby purrs beside him and wraps her arms around her knees. ”Oh, I don’t know, Dean. I just think it’s really fucked up of you to try to keep him from seeing people if you’re never actually going to seal the deal.”

Low blow. This bitch is way too observant for her own good. Probably why she’s CIA. ”Whatever,” he snarls, but she struck a chord and he knows it.
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