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Wild Nights, Wild Nights, Sherlock/John

Wild Nights, Wild Nights by cassyl, R, 32047 words
If Sherlock had never met John, would he still be on the side of the angels? On his return from Afghanistan, John takes a job working the night shift at a high secure psychiatric hospital, but when the infamous criminal mastermind Sherlock Holmes is admitted as a patient, John begins to suspect that all is not as it seems.

So this is a really interesting AU, what could of become of Sherlock and then also Sherlock playing Moriarty's game. And it's a pretty fascinating take on the idea. Sherlock's not evil, nor is he in partnership with Moriarty but without John's morally he gets much more involved in the game and takes more risks. And this is what happens after, once Moriarty is gone and dealing with the issues left behind. Wonderful John character, living but not, until once again Sherlock comes into his life and takes over his mind - well most of his thoughts at least. Also in some Sherlock fics the side characters aren't given the best characterization or attention but this author has really attempted to pay attention to the littlest details and it shows. Awesome fic, awesome concept. Go read it now.

It should probably be worrying that the only person he’s felt at ease around since coming home from Afghanistan is a known sociopath who’s engineered more murders, thefts, and swindles than anyone can count. He’s sure that says something less-than-good about him and his capacity to adapt to civilian life. But, really, it’s been so long since he’s felt anything but adrift that he can’t bring himself to care.
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