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Sussex, Sherlock/John

Sussex by SilentAuror, R, 26636 words
John can't seem to stop touching Sherlock. He can push the anger away, but sometimes he just needs to take Sherlock's pulse again.

This was excellent! I was completely engaged with the story from the get-go. Awesome concept, one of my faves -  that John touches Sherlock a lot more after the Fall. Really beautifully written and satisfying. You can feel John's emotions and you can suspect and yearn to understand Sherlock's. I also enjoyed the authors take on Irene Adler, she's not in the story but talked about a tiny bit, and John's jealously regarding her was talked about in an interesting way.

He knows he shouldn’t, but he does it anyway, can’t help it, really. It’s not like Sherlock ever says anything. He gets away with it. After all, he figures, it should go both ways. How many times has Sherlock literally treated him like furniture, leaning on him, resting a coffee cup on his shoulder or even head, legs draped over his lap as though he wasn’t even there? Why shouldn’t he be allowed to touch back a little? Of course John never says this, exactly. Not to himself and certainly not out loud, but he knows he does it, finds reasons to touch Sherlock, some of which are, well, just a little more legitimate than others.
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