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Paralian, Agron/Nasir

Paralian by aeternium
After the taking of Sinuessa en Valle, Agron is learning how to fit people back into his life he'd thought gone forever.

This is just amazing, I, I just loved it so much. Duro is alive and I love that but one of my favourite fic concepts is Nasir and Duro meeting and this is just so nicely done and so well written. Agron was perfect as well.

“One is a fighting man that would be counted among us,” Gannicus shrugs. “He provided aid in dispatch of Diotimos’ dominus.”

“Diotimos himself was not so well favored in attempt,” says Naevia bitterly, but it is then the man stands forward from the small group and for the smallest of moments Agron feels his heart stop.

“Loss felt most keenly,” says the man, staring straight at him. “Though nothing to that of a brother.”
Tags: [chosen one], spartacus: [spartacus], spartacus: agron/nasir

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