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My Eleven Most Loved AU's (sga)

My Eleven Most Loved AU's (sga)

11. Campfire Law by notpoetry, NC-17, McKay/Sheppard
I love this situation and the details and the characters. I loved how everything played out and worked out and just thought this was a great, enjoyable read.

"He threw you into the lake?" Zelenka says, smothering a laugh behind his hand. "Good god, McKay, he may as well have pulled your pigtails."

10. Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot by out_there, NC-17, McKay/Sheppard
I love the ending. I don't know why, really. It's not really my kind of ending - a bit too sudden, not as much explanation and so fourth but... I really just adored it. I thought it fitted them and fitted the situation perfectly.

Rodney would have wagered good money that those T-shirts gave a very accurate impression of John's body. Broad shoulders, flat abs, defined chest: the T-shirt made all those points very clear. But it hadn't even hinted at the dark hair sneaking down towards John's waistband or the tan that seemed impossibly even. Or precisely how low John's pants sat. Rodney wouldn't have guessed that without the T-shirt, he'd be able to see the top curve of John's hipbones -- although he had noticed that the guy was fairly fit -- and the V of muscle that framed the bottom of his stomach.

That was when Rodney realized he was staring. "You're not, like, a hooker in your spare time, are you?"

9. Stars of Track and Field by unamaga, R, McKay/Sheppard
I love high school au's and I love how innocent they are, and I love how their characters are explored and above everything I just think this is lovely.

Placing their order was a bit of a fiasco. Rodney took fifteen minutes to decide between pepperoni, meatball, and chicken parmesan toppings, and then (to the incredulous annoyance of those waiting in line behind them and John’s badly disguised amusement) chose a chicken roll.

“You’re something else, Rodney,” John chuckled.

8. Academic by rageprufrock, PG-13, McKay/Sheppard
I was quite caught between this story and the Boom Boom Room when trying to choose one of my favourite rageprufrock stories and while making this list I was always changing to and fro with which one to include however after some time I just had to decide. And I love this story, I think it's great. It has all these scenarios that I love and adore from Jealous!John to Clueless!Rodney and I just felt I connected better with this story and while I love and adore Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room I just couldn't not include this story.

"Come on, Rodney--I don't even really know what a black hole is."

"Of course you know what a black hole is, Rodney said automatically, frowning. "I've explained it to you a dozen times."

John raised his eyebrows skeptically. "What's the plot of War and Peace? "

"There's some war," Rodney said uncertainly. "And then there's some peace. It's all very Russian and tragic."

7. Wide Open Ocean by setissma, R, McKay/Sheppard
This is all kinds of beautiful and you can feel the thought and love the author has put into this story and it makes the story feel more real, more alive. This story almost seems to breathe.

He went home with two slices of leftover pizza and the strange impression that McKay could almost have been a nice guy, if he hadn’t been an asshole.

6. Bagglevarger's Theory of Inversive Magic by skoosiepants, PG-13, McKay/Sheppard
This is not only one of my favourite au's and one of my favourite crossovers, it's kind of like having two of my favourite things rolled into one and it's great. This works from the characters to their houses to their relationships, another wonderful story.

Honestly, it was a miracle he ever got anything done. Well, actually, it really wasn't. Interruptions aside, he was easily the smartest Wizard in the school - and probably the smartest Wizard in the world, but he'd decided to wait to declare that until he'd left Hogwarts, so he'd seem less presumptuous.

5. A Supermarket in California by taffetablue, R, McKay/Sheppard
Sometimes they are just such adorable boys. This is adorable and wonderful and touching. One of my all times favourites.

"Oh please, as if you—" He stops, eyes going wide. "Oh my god. Oh my god, you’re not kidding. You’re not even trying to seduce me, you’re – you’re courting me. You’re wooing me. That’s what all this—" he gestures toward the coffee and desserts – "is about, isn’t it?"

"Figured me out, McKay." John stretches, reaching toward the ceiling.

Rodney just stares. "No, no, you are so very wrong. I like relationships that are just sex on lab tables and desks and in the staffroom at two in the morning. I like relationships where I don’t have to remember birthdays or phone numbers or favorite colors or middle names, especially if they’re difficult to spell like Aloysius or Siobhan, and what I do not like is this, and you, and your – seduction and flattery, and I’ll have you know I am entirely immune to it," he sniffs. "Your feeble attempts at enticement have absolutely no effect on me. I am imperturbable."

4. Fireball by Celli Lane, R, McKay/Sheppard
So wonderful! So adorable! So perfect! A really, really good idea and great story and the ending. Wow. One of those stories I have actually read multiple times.

"I'm not going to win, McKay."

Rodney rolled his eyes. "Fine, I'll give you until next year to win it," he said generously. "Do you know what you have to do this year to make everyone happy? You just have to survive it. If my car crosses the finish line on Sunday, every single person at Weir Racing will go through the roof. Swear to God."

"How?" What was that, a whine, a wail?

"What do you mean, how? I don't know how. I build the cars; you drive them. It's a division of labor I'm very happy with."

Sheppard rolled his eyes. "Please tell me Elizabeth doesn't let you give the pre-race pep talks."

"Not anymore," Rodney muttered.

3. Junk Cheap by devildoll, R, McKay/Sheppard
So wow. This story was one of those stories that was on the list from the very start, and second from the very start and just generally awesome. I love the concept and the characters and how well they fit and, just wow. I have a whole lot of love for this story.

John answered the door in only his boxer shorts, and it immediately dawned on Rodney that they didn't have one decent set of clothes between them. John looked awfully good in his underwear, rubbing his sleepy face. Good enough that just the sight of him was giving Rodney certain urges, and that was bad news. Very bad news. He was the junk shop guy, for God's sake.

John actually looked pleased to see him, eyes widening a little as they slid up and down Rodney's mostly-naked body. "Hey, Rodney." He stepped back and opened the door a little more, an invitation that made Rodney's stomach flip.

Rodney's stomach was a

2. A Place On The Corner by almostnever, PG, McKay/Sheppard
Some things are worth waiting for.

Um, so, omfg I did not want it to end. It's like this thing of beauty and I adored pretty much every line. Nothing more to say. How can one explain awesomeness?

"Yeah, McKay. I have a gigantic safe back there for all the money and the precious, precious ingredients. The kitchen's pretty much one big bank vault with a massive lock on it. It doubles as a fallout shelter. So relax."

"Are you serious? You're joking, aren't you," Rodney says, with genuine disappointment. "If it were a former fallout shelter that'd be incredibly cool. It's kind of mean for you to lie about a thing like that."

"So's threatening to break into my bakery just so you can have wi-fi."

"I'm trying to do you a favor here!" Rodney pinwheels his hands wildly. And then with the odd frankness he can never seem to hold back, he adds, "Okay, a favor that primarily benefits me in the short-term, but eventually it'll bring in more business."

Exasperated, John says, "I don't need more business! I'm doing fine. Do you think it's not busy around here because I'm just that bad at running the place?"

Rodney fidgets. "Well. Evidence suggests."

1. On Life and Living by wesleysgirl, NC-17, McKay/Sheppard

Okay so when I first decided to follow up my Bandslash Most Loved Au's with this list this story was immediately number one, and really I don't think you can start with kind of list if you don't have a number one, and this is mine and I think it's perfect. A perfect Rodney and John, who manage to be the characters created on the show while in a completely different setting. An OC child that is standable, something that is much more difficult than it sounds. This is simply how I picture them, this is who I like to think they would be without Atlantis. This series makes me giddy and happy and it works so well.

"Are we dating?" Rodney asks out of nowhere.

"What?" John says. "Wait, weren't we kissing a little while ago?"

"Yes, yes, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything, and I know you're... well, you
were straight. When this started out I didn't think it was possible for it to go anywhere -- don't get me wrong, I liked you and I hoped we'd be friends, and I'd be lying if I said that deep down I didn't want more -- but now... I'm not sure what's going on, and did I mention that I'm not good at this?" Rodney looks at him plaintively.

No doubt everyone read most, if not all, of these but I figure someone, somewhere, lol, hasn't and well. Now you at least know what I think you need to read. Also, there is obviously so much read stories that you should read that just didn't make my list but no doubt they are in my other sga recs, and if there not then please point me to them! (Side note, I tried to have only every story from a different writer, so obviously a few of these authors have multiple good au's it was just another challenge to find my favourite.)
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