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Different, Brian/Justin

Different by ragingpixie, PG-13

Brian and Justin are one of those couples you can always look back on and remember how watching their relationship played out made you feel. This is a fic that also really, really makes you feel - as well as being all kinds of lovely. It was written before season 5, and you can sort of feel that and it doesn't really fit with the Justin I know from the show but it's an idea of Justin that I love. It's beautiful and all kinds of lovely and if you're looking for a fic that is short but oh so sweet then give this a try. It's a wonderful take on what might have been, and even something I'll still like to imagine could be.

In the future, Justin thinks, things will be different.

Brian will mellow. He’ll turn quieter with age, less inclined to cat about and drink and smoke and trick and sniff controlled substances. He’ll stay home when he’s tired instead of going out just to prove things. Babylon won’t be his Mecca and tricks will forget they once worshipped at the altar of Kinney, and Justin knows that Brian won’t really care. Brian will watch more tv instead of going dancing and his body will thank him in the morning.
Tags: qaf: [qaf], qaf: brian/justin

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