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Bandom (fbr/mcr) Primer/Reference

This is all done in fun and love and silliness, so yes info and links should be helpful but my comments? Not as such, making a primer on these guys just reminded me how much I love them and made me squee... which should be obvious if you should read. And this isn't a primer primer it more like a reference of where to go and what to do. I'm the starter XD.

FBR = Fueled By Ramen (The record label Fall Out Boy pretty much made famous)
Decaydance Records = The record label Pete made because of Panic! and has pretty much all the bands on it.
MCR = My Chemical Romance
FOB = Fall Out Boy
P!ATD/PATD/PANIC! = Panic! At The Disco
TAI = The Academy Is...
CS = Cobra Starship
GCH = Gym Class Heroes
THS = The Hush Sound


Panic! At The Disco: Spencer! (drums), Brendon (vocals/everything), Ryan (guitar), Jon (bass)

My Chemical Romance: Bob! (drums), Ray (guitar), Mikey (bass), Frank (guitar), Gerard (vocals)

Fall Out Boy: Joe (guitar), Patrick! (vocals/everything), Pete (bass/lyrics), Andy (drums)

The Academy Is...: William (vocals), Adam T. Siska! (bass), Michael Guy Chislett (guitar), Andy 'The Butcher' Mrotek (drums), Mike Carden (guitar)

Cobra Starship: Ryland! (guitar), Vicky T (keytar), Nate Novarro (drums), Gabe (vocals), Alex Suarez (bass)

Gym Class Heroes: Eric (bass), Disashi (guitar), Travis (vocals), Matt (drummer)

The Hush Sound: Chris Faller (bass), Bob Morris (vocals/guitar), Greta (vocals/piano/), Darren Wilson (drums)

When I first came upon FBR/MCR I got very, very confused whenever these names were mentioned because they weren't part of the band... but they were. (Okay, I lie, when I first came upon Bandom etc. I had to learn who all the Panic! boys were because I COULDN'T TELL THEM APART! True and shameful story, I actually had a picture for reference for the first story I read.)


Worm = MCR Security guy, he so owns Frank.

Zack = Panic! security guy, he seems awesome. Picspam.

Brian = MCR Manager. Picspam.

Dirty = Pete's... I don't really know what Dirty does... He does whatever Pete tells him to do.

Hemingway = Pete's dog, very cute.

Brent = Panic's ex-bassist.

Matt = MCR ex-drummer.

Tom Conrad = The Academy Is... ex-guitarist and good friends with Jon Walker. Primer.

Maja = Member of The Sounds, she did vocals on 'Snakes on a Plane'.

Katie Kay = Dancer, gorgeous, multi talented. Dancer on tour with PATD. Primer.

Bert = Singer for The Used, some say he's Gerard crazy ex-boyfriend, but, er, I kind of think he's awesome. Crazy, but awesome. Primer. Primer.

Girlfriends & Wives

Jac = Ryan's ex, bad breakup. Apparent "scene queen".

Keltie = Ryan's girlfriend. Picspam of sweetness, it's a bit too... guh... for me but, eh. Another picspam.

Cassie = Jon's girlfriend.

Haley = Spencer's girlfriend.

Audrey = Brendon ex-girlfriend. Apparent "scene queen".

Anna = Patrick's ex-girlfriend, she apparently cheated on him and it was a bad break up.

Morgan = Pete's ex-girlfriend who cheated on him and then they got back together.

Jeanae = Pete's ex-girlfriend who he began a relationship with when she was 15 and he was 23, they have broken up and gotten back together multiple times.

Ashlee (Simpson) = Pete's current girlfriend.

Christine = William's girlfriend (mother of his child???)

P!ATD, FOB, TAI... girlfriends primer

Jamia = Frank's (lovely) fiance. Picspam of love. I mean it. If you don't love her after this then... I just don't know.

Alicia = Mikey's (sexy) wife. Picspam of LOVE. Picspam.

Lyn-Z = Gerard's wife. Picspam, she's after Gerard. Picspam and primer.

Girls, Girls, Girls picspam.
Females and everyone! picspam.
General female picspam.
Girls in bandom picspam.
new Scene Queen Primer OF AWESOME!

This is no way a complete list but it is some topics/rants/discussions that I have found interesting and that it might help to know if you're new to bandom. I'm not saying I agree or disagree with any of these but they are interesting.
In Defence of 'Scene Queens'.
Introduction to Bandom.

damnyouwentz  has some good authors involved and it's a nice place to have friended simply for fic updates, also it has good primers (which I link to below).
dotcoms_refresh  is pretty much awesome, it is like daily updates of what's happening in the bandom/fbr world so if you're interested in joining the fandom definitely friend that.
weemo_closet  is fun, more fbr inclined then MCR but still fun, good to friend for all the fics posted there and also it good for updates.
bandgirls , is a nice idea and fun to look at.
bandslashmania  is good for a fun time.
They are all connected... seriously.

Official website, which I don't really frequent but some people seem to enjoy it so yeah, place to visit maybe.
Fansite which offers clips and some info which is ALL good.
First off there is a lovely slashy new interview out, right here.
Panic! MySpace.
patd , I don't visit here often but when I have it's been pretty good.
Dance To This Beat is another fansite.
Primer: Panic! v.Brent Wilson.
Primer: Panic! v.Jon Walker.
Primer: Jon Walker.
Primer: Panic! At The Disco.
Yes, yes, YES! Spencer drumming picspam.

And simply because I can, and I am unable to stop myself:

Yeah, so unlike Panic! I tend to visit the Official Website for Fall Out Boy every few weeks because the q&a section is a thing of goodness. Pete answers questions and sometimes you know that he ships Pete/Patrick more than anyone else.
Fall Out Boy MySpace.
Fall Out Boy primer.
Fall Out Boy Primer.
HATLESS Patrick picspam. If you are new to the bandom you may be surprised that there is a picspam on this topic. You will learn, you will learn.
Pete/Mikey Primer.
Pete/Mikey Primer.
q&a primer.
Pete/Patrick LOVE!
Pete/Patrick Primer. Of awesome.
new Pete/Patrick BFF.
Why everyone should love Joe.

Just for some Pete/Patrick reference/evidence/fun:
The image “http://pics.livejournal.com/averillovessev/pic/003w09k7” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The image “http://pics.livejournal.com/averillovessev/pic/003tzq6x” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Primer and PICSPAM! I love this primer, it talks about everything you need to know, who they are, their instruments etc. (SAVE LIVES, THE THIGHS, BOB BRYAR AWESOMENESS OF AWESOME! TINY SEX GOD!)
mcr moments frank.
Bob Bryar primer/picspam.
Gerard/Frank picspam of love.
Pete/Mikey Primer.
Pete/Mikey Primer.
MikeyWay a visual timeline. Glee.

Don't go thinking that MCR doesn't have some good evidence on their guy lovin'.

The Picspam of a downfall.

The Academy Is . . . primer.
Good place for The Academy Is... is their youtube "episodes," which are funny and can at times be awesome.
The Academy Is... Official site.
The Academy Is... MySpace.
Vicky T picspam.

The Hush Sound Official Website.
The Hush Sound Myspace.
The Hush Sound Fansite.
Greta picspam.
Greta picspam.
Love The Hush Sound?

Cobra Starship Primer.
COBRA STARSHIP: Guy Ripley interview.
Cobra Starship Official website.
Cobra Starship Fansite.
Learn about Gabe... no reason to be afraid...
Gabe loves everyone.

Gym Class Heroes Official Web site.
Gym Class Heroes Fan Site.
Gym Class Heroes MySpace.
Gym Class Heroes primer.
Gym Class Heroes primer.

All American Rejects primer.

The FBR (Fueled By Ramen youtube account) has some good/interesting/funny clips of all the bands on the label.
Fueled By Ramen.
Decaydance Records.

Clandestine Industries, Pete's clothing line and other... things.
Picspam of goodness.

The Used picspam.
new The Used Primer.

(My faves)
My Chemical Romance answers... There's a Frank/Gerard moment, kind of, so I enjoy this ;p
Lupe Fiasco - ""Superstar"" Seeing Pete cheering on Patrick is always awesome.
Pete Wentz is gay obove the belt.
Panic! at the disco new yea...
Pete telling people off is awesome, No more throwing shoes at Patrick...
MCR interview with Jonathan...
Funnyness with Bob & Mikey
The Used on FUSEs The Sauce...
Fall Out Boy Hard Rock Live...
Q&A with Bert & Gerard I'm never sure whether this should be upsetting or funny...
Fall Out Boy Giving Gerard ..
surs show - fall out boy There's a question in reference to one of Pete's answers to a q&a from the official site and I love.
Sometimes I can't handle Gerard prettyness Gerard Looking At Steven.
Panic! so young p! interview thing.
Fall Out Boy
I just love seeing Ryan pissed/hurt/bitchy and Brendon all comforting/sorry/amused, Panic! At The Disco Rolling...
20 questions - tai tv
My Chemical Romance-On The ..
Is Pete a girl, or isn't he? fall out boy hosting fuse rage
KMP - Why Do We Love Bob Br...
How tall is Frank (LOL. DIEZ)
Panic! on Rage Clip 5
Frank's Laugh (LOL. DIEZ. AGAIN.)
PROJEKT REVOLUTION 7/28 GER... The KISS, because it had to be included.
Pete & Patrick Backstage @ ... Kissing on the cheek.
Brendon and Ryan are dating.
Bob Bryar is so awesome.
The Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie Sex Tape

Lastly, not to hoot my own horn but, well, *hoot*, my recs:
Ten Most Loved AU's
I also tag everything by pairing ;p

Hopefully some of this is helpful to someone :) Or at least I had fun making it, in all its sillyness.

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  • Fuel, Chris/Lance Justin/Nick

    "Carter, man. I don't get that. I mean, you think if he was going to have a crush it'd be on me. Or, you know. I suppose you, maybe." Lance shoved…

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