July 14th, 2007

sherlock - is looking at you

No More Ugly Naked Guy, Brian/Justin

No More Ugly Naked Guy by darksylvia (PG-13)

Wonderful! I never thought of this crossover but it works! I works so well!

Hot Blond Guy stared for a moment, waiting, and they could see Hot Naked Guy look up from his activities and smile, a rakish, inviting smile, and suddenly Hot Blond Guy was throwing off his messenger bag along with the rest of his clothes. Then he climbed right into the fray, did something obscene to Hot Naked Guy's mouth. And--

"I feel naive," said Rachel.

"I feel
dirty," said Phoebe, in obvious delight.

"This is
better than porn," said Monica.

"This is
so not the threesome I was praying for, God," said Chandler, looking briefly up at the sky in reproach.

"At least Hot Naked Guy isn't cheating," said Joey.

"Is it warm in here, or is it just me?" asked Ross, his voice a little unnaturally high.