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Elliot, Brian/Justin

Elliot by yoursweater (PG)
Elliott is a normal child as far as his teachers are concerned. He’s only five years old but he knows his alphabet and the difference between green and blue, and when Mrs. Eleanor tells the class to quiet down, Elliott is one of the first children to take his place on the checkered rug. He laughs quietly with a hand over his mouth when his library buddy tells jokes, and carefully lines his crayons up across his desk when it’s art time.

Another Brian and Justin have a son story. But the best. Ever. Linked to the tag page, go to the bottom of the page for the first fic.

“Joan has more authority over him then he’ll admit.” Justin says to Michael the next day, as he helps him go through boxes full of comic books that need to be sorted out and then priced.

“No kidding.” Michael snorts and then shakes his head. “He’s still piss scared of her, even after all of these years.”

Justin frowns and hands Michael a copy of the first Rage issue ever, and it’s still wrapped in the original plastic. Michael squeals and then says, “Now I have four of these!”
Tags: [chosen one], qaf: [qaf], qaf: brian/justin

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