Oh the places you'll go (sightsee) wrote in recslikewhoa,
Oh the places you'll go

Rebound, Brian/Emmett

Rebound by vedaprophet (R)
Emmett's on the rebound, but he's not alone.

I love Emmett and Brian together, they are like my otp of Queer as Folk. They're goregous and tall.

Michael’s reaction to the news of their fuck was a two week, drama-filled stand off with Em fretting his brains out until Brian finally told Michael that he’d pouted enough for ten drama queens and he should just fucking get over it already. Michael called him pathetic, but a few days later he seemed to get over it and they were all back on speaking terms by the following Saturday night at Babylon. Emmett suspected Ben had something to do with it.
Tags: qaf: [qaf], qaf: brian/emmett

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