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Oh the places you'll go

The New Black, Gen

The New Black by pulsefic (PG-13)
5 things that did happen to Brian and Jennifer.

Lovely, beautiful and Brian and Jennifer bonding. To sweet for words. I know I've listed this as gen, and it is, but if there was a pairing it'd be Justin and Brian.

‘The point is,’ she says, and bites her lip. ‘Sometimes – sometimes Justin isn’t a very good judge of character. He puts too much faith in people.’

‘I know, I know,’ says Brian, sounding tired and giving her a wry smile. ‘He chose me, right?’

She looks up quickly. ‘Yes,’ she says. ‘But sometimes he’s a better judge of character than I’ll ever be.’
Tags: [other]: gen, qaf: [qaf], qaf: gen

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