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Can't Be Wrong, Justin/JC

Joey dared Chris to go down to the lobby to get a newspaper, and when the first fan approached him to ask her for HER autograph. He said that the girl nearly passed out from shock, but he brought back a USA Today with, "Dear Chris, From your #1 fan, Love Sylvia" scrawled across it in black Sharpie.

"Of course, you want to know the first question my 'number one fan' asked me? 'Where's Justin?'" Chris said wryly.

Can't Be Wrong by liz_w (PG-13)

It's funny, very funny and seriously, you got to lobe and adore and marry the funny.

They started out with mostly dares, silly stuff like having Lance imitate the way JC danced during Space Cowboy. JC's mouth had fallen open in shock. "I do not have an expression like that on my face," he'd insisted, but looking at the other four doubled over in laughter, he'd realized maybe he did look kinda goofy when he really got into his performance. When Lance stuffed a sock down the front of his pants to make his impersonation 'more realistic', JC had been mortified.
Tags: popslash: [popslash], popslash: jc/justin

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