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The Way You Know Him, JC/Justin

“Justin,” Lance murmured seriously. “I think maybe you weren’t listening to me earlier. This guy isn’t like someone you’d pick up in a bar, you know? He’s powerful, really, really powerful. And ruthless. And well-known.”

“And hot.”

“Well, yeah. But Justin, that’s really, really not the point.”

The Way You Know Him by Beth and Kaelie (NC-17)
Trying to do it by the book.

Good. Long. Great. Very, very enjoyable. A must read for any AU fan and just any fan. A bit predictable at times and sometimes the characters the authors have created get out of character to how the story normally portrays them but overall I eagerly read it all start to finish and it's something I really, really do not regret doing.

"So, how was your morning? Did you get the comments from marketing on the Stanton cover?" he asked Chris.

"Judging from the way I see you looking at him, I know you're interested, but what I can't figure out is whether you've slept with him yet," Chris went on cheerfully. "On one hand, I'm pretty damn sure you did, because I just spent an entire lunch reassuring him that you don't, in fact, hate him -- and given your rather . . . unique approach to love and intimacy, that seems pretty much par for the course. But on the other --"

"Because I think they were wrong," JC interrupted. If he simply pretended to be having another conversation entirely, sometimes Chris would fall in step. "If we make the author's name larger, we're going to ruin the balance of the thing, going to start overshadowing the image."
Tags: [chosen one], popslash: [popslash], popslash: jc/justin

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