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Oh the places you'll go

The 7-Eleven Experience, JC/Justin

"I suppose the gay orgy vibe in our songs was almost inevitable," Chris said slowly, back to circling the room, which was driving JC nuts, but JC had learned long ago that asking Chris to sit down when he was nervous or excited was like asking a brick wall if it minded stepping aside so he could get around it, please and thanks, "but shit, guys, it was supposed to be about horses."

The 7-Eleven Experience by Rhys (R)
JC spends too much time at 7-Eleven.

It's full of misunderstanding and worse, you know whats going on but JC doesn't and that's sad, really sad. But it does make good reading.

They were well on their way to heavy petting, or way far past it, if furiously rubbing their groins together as they tongue-fucked counted, when the door to the studio slammed. JC jumped off the couch, knocking over a speaker, and landed hard on his ass. Joey and Lance stared at him.

"C thought he’d lost a filling," Justin blurted. There was a stain on the front of his pants.

Joey grinned. "And you were helpfully trying to assist him in finding it. My, what a nice friend you are, Justin."

"But funny," Lance added slyly, "Dental Hygiene Lad over there has never had a cavity."
Tags: popslash: [popslash], popslash: jc/justin

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