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The Runaway Race, Ian/Mickey

The Runaway Race by ronandhermy, R, 40,029 words
During an investigation by Child Protective Services it is revealed that Ian is not Frank Gallagher's son but Clayton Gallagher's. Ian goes to live with his new found family but it's like they say, you can take the kid out of the Southside but you can't take the Southside out of the kid.

This is so engaging and so well written, it's just great. I loved this concept and how it still had the characters as we know and love them but turned everything upside down at the same time. Not only was watching Ian and Mickey relationship develop awesome but also watching Ian with his 'other' family is great too. Also nothing, nothing, beats Mickey's relationship with Ian new family.

Mickey let him go and Ian ended up curling in on himself on the floor. After a long silence Ian said, “Monica’s back. Again. Except this time she wants to kidnap Liam.” And then he was laughing, laughing so hard he started to cry, and then he was just sobbing into his hands while lying on Mickey’s dirty floor. “They didn’t want me,” Ian gasped out as he continued to sob. It wasn’t manly and it wasn't pleasant. It was ugly and dark and full of a childhood filled with broken promises.

“Fuck,” Mickey muttered under his breath. Then Ian could hear him moving around before sitting down next to him. A flick of a match and then Ian smelled the familiar odor of pot. “Here,” Mickey said, thrusting the blunt into Ian’s face, “Smoke this.”
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The Halfway House, Ian/Mickey

The Halfway House by MintSauce, R, 30209 words
After his mum took off, Ian sort of expected he'd wind up in foster care. What he didn't expect was to meet a sort of dirty boy called Mickey Milkovich there.

This fic is all sorts of awesome. Like damn. Both Ian and Mickey are written so well and feel so in-character even with the differences the fic brings. And I liked this Ian, might even be a tad more fond of him then canon Ian, but that is probably because we get to see inside this Ian's head more. Their relationship is just as fucked up as ever but it's them and it works and I loved how even when there's problems you can still feel the commitment. And you could see these boys being together forever.

Ian nodded to stop himself from imagining a world without Mickey in it with him. He didn't want to think of a world like that. He thought that was the minute he first felt himself falling for Mickey Milkovich, he didn't know why, it just was. Not even the way Mickey spat on the ground and scratched his balls before walking off could put him off, Ian figured that meant he had pretty strange taste.

And not only because Mickey was a boy.
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The Girlfriend Experience, Cas/Dean

The Girlfriend Experience by rageprufrock, NC-17, 15393 words
While it's not like Dean hasn't had a couple of truly regrettable hit-and-runs in his sexual history, this is probably the saddest fucking thing that has ever happened to him.

Clearly everyone must have read this already because it's so amazing it literally calls to you. But if somehow you have not then please for the love of god go read it now because it's great. Dean and Cas were amazing, in-character but also changed enough to adapt to the situation. Sam was written excellently as well, he was just fun really but a fun voice of reason which is normally needed when it comes to Cas and Dean getting together. This fic was just hot and steamy and beautiful. Two idiots coming together and Sam the cheering squad, just wanting his big brother to man up and get with Cas.

"Burgers also cost money," Castiel says in between bites, mopping ketchup off his face. "Which I don't have and do not know how to obtain."

Dean snorts. "Great, we're your sugar daddies — that is shit sad, Cas."

"Oh, Jesus," Sam mutters, like he just cannot believe his brother is talking about this in front of his prom date.

"What's a sugar daddy?" Cas asks, and looking hopeful, he opens his mouth again. Dean cuts in, saying:

"No more burgers for you. And you don't need to know about sugar daddies."
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Easy Now, With My Heart, Dean/Cas

Easy Now, With My Heart by mcpadalackles, NC-17, 49663 recs
Dean Winchester is a kindergarten teacher. Castiel Milton is a writer slash works-in-a-coffee-shop. He also happens to be the extremely hot one-night stand that Dean never intended to see again other than in his own fantasies (he’s classy like that). But suddenly Cas is everywhere and Dean is convinced that Fate is out to get him. And maybe they do this thing backwards, but that doesn’t have to mean they can’t make it in the end, right?

This is amazing, and awesome and I just could not stop reading. Hell, Dean and Castiel in this was both kind of insane and really co-dependent - but to be fair that is realatively in character - and half the time they were looking it felt like waiting for two trains to crash but it was still so good. They're not making life easy for each other but you could feel the want and the need and the love and it was as engaging as hell.

Turns out though, he was totally right. Castiel does love the place, or at least he pretends to for Dean's sake. They start off with more beer, but that quickly escalates to shots (and the dude's fucking lethal at shots—it takes at least half a dozen before he declares that he's 'starting to feel something') and then they end up nursing two of Ellen's finest whiskeys and laughing hysterically about… well, he forgets but it sure was funny at the time. Castiel's shirt is open at the neck now, his blue tie a lost cause, and Dean's pretty sure he doesn't look much better himself.

And then, suddenly, and he's really not sure how it happened or who initiated it, but suddenly they're pressed together in their corner booth and they're kissing. Like full on desperate tongue and teeth action, and it tastes like booze and bar nuts but is so fucking good, and if Dean had any doubts before he certainly doesn't now. Castiel presses into him hard, forcing him to lean backwards in his seat and he has to grab the table to stop himself from toppling over.
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F**k You!, Dean/Castiel

F**k You! by deans1911, R, 24459 words
Castiel Novak, the general manager of a failing restaurant, and Dean Winchester, his stubborn head chef, hate each other’s guts. It’s up to celebrity Chef Balthazar Roche to keep them from running Garrison 16 into the ground and killing one another in the process.

So, okay, this is probably one of my favourite AU's I've read. It's a really nice fleshed out universe, the characters are great and it's real. In the sense that it got it sad moments, and its bad, but it also has it happy and silly and hot. And it all evens out really well. You do sort of want to bang Cas and Dean's heads together half the time but honestly that was probably part of the fun.

Dean is grinning like an idiot, if for no other reason than the stunningly ridiculous visual he now has of Cas shaking his ass for money. He lets Cas turn his hand over and run his thumb over the stitches through the plastic bag. There’s that crease between Cas’s eyebrows that means he’s about to say something that’s going to make them both uncomfortable. “For what it’s worth, I actually do think of you as my boyfriend,” he mutters, voice gone rough and soft in a way that instantly has Dean’s stomach flip-flopping. When he peeks up at Dean from under the messy fringe of his bangs, flattened to his forehead from sea water, Dean wants to kiss him senseless or run screaming--he isn’t sure which is the better option.
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The First Year, Dean/Castiel

The First Year by cloudyjenn, PG-13, 7730 words
When Castiel leaves after Lucifer's defeat, all he asks is that Dean wait for him. So that's exactly what Dean does.

Ohh this fic, it breaks my heart and then after that comes back round to jump on it. Which is weird because it is not exactly that angsty or even that depressing, I think it's more the idea of the fic and the message behind it. And what it said about Dean and his life and how damn hard he loves. It's gorgeous and everything is worth it in the end.

"Do you want to get out of here?" Amber asked a moment later.

"I can't," Dean said without thought. "I'm waiting."
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The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester, Dean/Castiel

The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester by tuesday, PG-13, 11171 words
Angelic marriage rites were never intended to go quite like this.

When are wedding/bonding fics not fun? The answer is they're always fun. I really enjoyed Dean's voice in this, I mean it is essentially a Dean that is happy which is not exactly in-character but his character in this fic was still great and engaging. Cas was great too but clearly I was pretty drawn to Dean in this. I'm more of a fun and engaging then angstful and depressing kind of fic gal. And this fitted the brief pretty well.

"What the hell?" Dean had said, and, "Where have you been?" and, like Cas was the boy blocking his calls and Dean was three steps away from turning stalker, God help him, "Why didn't you answer me the first three times?"

"I was busy," Castiel said.

And really, Dean should have asked this first, but, "Why are you naked?"
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The Way the War was Won, Dean/Castiel

The Way the War was Won by deans1911, R, 37258 words
Dean and Cas are buddy cops faking a marriage for the benefits and tax breaks. Except for the part where Dean’s sort of actually in love with his partner and doesn’t realize it yet.

Aww cute and sweet and long. I like that we sort of skip the angsty section of their relationship and skip straight to the finally getting their shit together part. Like there's still some angst, but not enough to hurt and it is such a well written story just even though we're just hearing about their history you still feel like you know their whole story. Fun and amazing read, I loved it.

“Are you actually gay or just Cas-sexual?” she quips, grinning. Dean wants to shoot her, but he doubts that Cas would approve of brain matter on their new carpet. Sam needs to upgrade. Ruby is officially a demon.

“Not really any of your business,” he mutters.

Ruby purrs beside him and wraps her arms around her knees. ”Oh, I don’t know, Dean. I just think it’s really fucked up of you to try to keep him from seeing people if you’re never actually going to seal the deal.”

Low blow. This bitch is way too observant for her own good. Probably why she’s CIA. ”Whatever,” he snarls, but she struck a chord and he knows it.
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So Glad We Made It, Dean/Castiel

So Glad We Made It by Annie D (scaramouche), PG-13, 16421 words
At twelve years old, Dean makes a friend, who becomes his best friend, who will eventually become the love of his life.

Really sweet and engaging fic, and it pretty perfectly catches that feeling of being scared of taking that step because who knows what happens when you do? When Dean does take that step it works out pretty awesome, with the right amount of angst and confusion along the way. Really good take on Dean, and while Castiel didn't always act or do what I expected that is probably more in character than him suddenly swooning and falling all over Dean. But all in all they were both great and fun and the fic was just a really good read.

Later, without fail, Cas plucks Dean out from the mess and drags him to the Impala outside. (On loan from Dad, because Cas’ solemn oath to behave actually means something in their house.) Dean only stirs awake when he finds himself being tucked into bed, Cas a dark shadow hovering over him.

Dean catches Cas’ arms, holds him there. He squints up at Cas, who is watching him, patient as a statue.

“Always you,” Dean says stupidly.

“Of course, Dean,” Cas replies, though he can’t have any idea what Dean’s talking about.
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Stay, Sherlock/John

Stay by esterbrook, PG-13, 7393 words
Retirement wasn't quite what they'd expected. For one thing, they hadn't been in the same room for two years.

This was just utterly charming. A retirement fic that was nice and good and not depressing nearly the whole time - to be fair I have a ridiculous fear of retirements fics because normally someone dies or its completely depressing and I've only found a few that do it right -for me at least. And this is one of those ones that does it right. some things seemed out of character, Sherlock moving and leaving John, but then explanations were given and I was like that works, that is a great explanation because I can see them both being that stupid. It was just lovely, and a wonderful blend of just a touch angsty but mostly hopeful, and I enjoy hopeful a lot.

"And London misses you."

"As do you."

Anyone else would have heard it as a simple statement, but John caught the tiny shift in inflection, the infinitesimal lift at the end, the way the pale eyes flickered away and back. "Of course I do, you idiot. Nothing's ever quite right without you."